William Cobbett

Picture of William Cobbett

Date of Birth: 09/03/1763

Age: 72

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Cobbett, William (Cobbett, William) (1763-1835), English essayist, politician. Born on March 9, 1763 in Farnham (Surrey) in the family of a small farmer. In 1783 he went to London and worked as an assistant prosecutor. He served as a part of the English regiment in Canada, in 1791 he returned to England. In 1792 Cobbett, accusing the officers of his regiment in the abuse, left the army and the fear of persecution, went to France and then to America. Under the pseudonym Peter Porcupine supported Anglophile and advocated attacking Democrats in numerous pamphlets (eg, bloody milestone exhibited as a warning to the political pilots of America, or a true testimony of many horrific inhuman, unprecedented before the French Revolution - The Bloody Buoy, thrown out as a Warning to the Political Pilots of America, or a Faithful Relation of a Multitude of Horrid Barbarities, such as the Eye never witnessed until the Commencement of the French Revolution). He defended the interests of his country, then at war with France, even dared to put a portrait of the king in the windows of his house. Cobbett`s attacks on Dr. B.Rusha led to a lawsuit by the decision which Cobbett was forced to pay compensation of $ 5,000. Dissatisfied with the decision of the court, departed to England (1800). Releases "Parliamentary debates