William Blackstone

Picture of William Blackstone

Date of Birth: 07/10/1723

Age: 56

Place of birth: Cheapside (London)

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Blackstone, William (Blackstone, William) (1723-1780), English lawyer and writer, was born in a merchant family in Cheapside (London), July 10, 1723. He was educated at Charterhouse School in London and Pembroke College, Oxford University. In 1741 he joined the "Middle Temple", noting the event Farewell poems lawyer with his muse (published in the "Almanac Dodsli"). In 1744 Blackstone was elected a member of the Board of the Oxford All Souls College. Two years later he became a practicing lawyer, but soon discovered that does not have the qualities necessary for a successful lawyer at that time; in 1753 he retired and restored its membership in the scientific community of Oxford. In English universities at that time did not include courses of English law, and Blackstone decided to fill this gap in education. From 1753 he taught courses that provide students with the necessary training. In 1758 Blackstone was appointed Professor of Law, in 1761 he was elected to Parliament from Hindon District (Wiltshire); in the same year he was appointed a royal advisor. Married, Blackstone had to leave the place in All Souls College, and was appointed rector in New Inn Hall (Oxford) (resigned from this post in 1766). In 1763 he was offered a specially created post of Solicitor General under Queen Charlotte Sophia. In 1765 it appeared the first volume glorified labor Blackstone Kommentariik English law (Commentaries on the Laws of England); the remaining three pieces he has produced over the next four years. In 1768 Blackstone returned to parliament as a deputy from Westbury. In 1770 he turned down an offer to take the post of Solicitor General, but became one of the judges on the general appeal. Comments Blackstone remain the cornerstone of the British and American legal practice. Blackstone died in London February 14, 1780.