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Former President and CEO of Lenovo Group Limited Company.

He resigned at the beginning of 2009, just after the next quarterly reporting at the enterprise ,demonstrate the enormous losses - 97 million dollars.

William J.. Amelio has an excellent education. At the time, the businessman attended the University of Lehigh University, at the end of which was awarded a bachelor`s degree in chemical engineering. Subsequently, he studied at the prestigious University of Stanford and zaversheniiucheby also was awarded, this time a master`s degree in management field.

Professional career William began in the late seventies, when Amelio sat in the famous Group of the IBM, where he worked until 1997, the yearat different times, holding various management positions, including the post of general manager.

With th 1997 at the 2000th Amelio worked at Honeywell International Inc. company, where vtechenie several years served as president and chief executive officer.

From the year 2000 on the 2,001th William was Executive VicePresident and Chief Operating Officer of NCR Corporation `s Retail and Financial Group.

December 20, 2005, William became the leader Lenovo enterprise that develops and produces personal computers known as well as new products, including the IdeaPad netbooks, naprmer.

Incidentally,recently the company announced one of these brand new machines. Netbook IdeaPad immediately attracted the attention of users, make them happy with excellent characteristics.

William J.. Amelio was a real professional. He achieved such a high position in just four years, succeeding former CEO Steve Ward. Working in a company Lenovo Group Limited, William demonstrated excellent entrepreneurial, strategic and tactical abilities. Not surprisingly, during the period of his leadership, the company has managed to double its sales.

Unfortunately, the fourth quarter of 2008 turned out to be unsuccessful, and when the company Lenovo has announced significant losses ,William refused to renew the contract. Yet guide now again proposed to William J. Amelio cooperation (until September of 2009) , this time as a consultant.

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William Amelio picture
William Amelio photo
William Amelio image
William Amelio pic
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