Wilhelm Wundt

Picture of Wilhelm Wundt

Date of Birth: 06/18/1832

Age: 88

Place of birth: Mannheim

Citizenship: Germany


Based on the understanding of psychology as a science of direct experience, is opened by a careful and strictly controlled introspection, he tried to highlight the "primitives" of consciousness (sensations and elementary senses) and to establish the basic laws of spiritual life (for example, the law of "creative synthesis"). The called "physiological" as a methodological reference viewed physiology, whereby the psychology of Wundt. But the study of higher mental processes, in his opinion, should be done by other methods (analysis of myths, rituals, religious beliefs, language), which is reflected in his 10-volume work "The Psychology of Peoples". The decision came from the mind-body problem of concurrency hypothesis. Education in Wundt were E. Titchener, O. Kulpe, F. Kruger, A. Maiman, H. Munsterberg, VM Bekhterev, NI N.Lange, Art. Hall.