Wilhelm Hofmeister

Picture of Wilhelm Hofmeister

Date of Birth: 05/24/1824

Age: 52

Place of birth: Leipzig

Citizenship: Germany


Born May 24, 1824 in Leipzig. He was educated at the universities of Leipzig and Hamburg; for several years he worked as an assistant of his father - a publisher of books and musical instruments dealer. Botany studied independently. In 1863 he was appointed Professor of Botany of the University of Heidelberg and director of the botanical garden, in 1872-1976 headed the Department of Botany, University of Tubingen.

The most significant results Hofmeister received in comparative plant morphology. He described the development of the ovule and embryo sac (1849), the processes of fertilization and embryo development in many angiosperms. In 1851 was published his work Comparative growth of research, development and fruiting in higher cryptogams plants and seed formation uhvoynyh trees (Vergleichende Untersuchen der Keimung, Entfaltung und Fruchtbildung h herer Kryptogamen und der Samenbildung der Coniferen), the result of research Hofmeister comparative embryology arhegonialnyh plants ( from mosses to ferns and conifers). In it, he reported on the discovery made them - the presence in these alternation of generations of plants, asexual and sexual, has established the relationship between the spore and seed plants. This work, carried out for 10 years before Charles Darwin doctrine, were of great importance for the development of Darwinism. Hofmeister - author of several works on the physiology of the plant, mainly dedicated to the study of processes in the flow of water and nutrients through the roots.

Chamberlain died in Lindenau near Leipzig, January 12, 1877.