Wilhelm Burgdorf

Picture of Wilhelm Burgdorf

Date of Birth: 02/14/1895

Age: 50

Place of birth: Furstenwalde

Citizenship: Germany


April 18, 1915, with the assignment of the rank of lieutenant, he was transferred to the 12th Guards. After the war, Burgdorf remained in the army and by 1937 became adjutant of the 9th Military Region (IX Corps) in Kassel. In August 1938 he was promoted to oberstleytenanty. In the early days of the war Burgdorf served on virtually inactive the Western Front. Shortly before the invasion of France, he was appointed commander of the 529 th Infantry Regiment, who spent the roads of Belgium and France in 1940 and that from 4 April 1941 to 1942, the second part in fierce battles on the Eastern Front. Burgdorf, who rank Oberst was awarded in September 1940, was appointed Head of the Department of the Army. In October 1943 he was promoted to lieutenant general. There is no doubt that his rapid rise through the ranks has contributed a lot of his absolute devotion to the Nazi Party.

The failure of the assassination attempt on Hitler, organized by Colonel Stauffenberg, also influenced his further progress, as he took an active part in the massacre of members of the conspiracy. During the explosion in the "Wolf`s Lair" he was mortally wounded General of Infantry Rudolph Schmundt, Chief Adjutant of the Wehrmacht under Hitler, the head of the NRA (management personnel of the ground forces). Delivered in rastenburgsky Schmundt hospital died of his wounds October 1, 1944. His successor, Hitler appointed Burgdorf.

Adolf Hitler demanded inflict on plotters fast and brutal violence. One of the victims has been very popular in the Reich military commander Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, the legendary "Desert Fox", who was implicated in the conspiracy. Field Marshal Keitel, Burgdorf laid on the implementation of a secret mission - to acquaint with Rommel`s testimony, which accused him of "treason". If the allegations are true, then the beloved people of Rommel could be given the choice to commit suicide or to appear before the people`s court.

Obedient to the orders of Burgdorf, together with his representative, Lieutenant-General Ernst Meisel October 14 went to Hurlingham, home to Rommel. With them they carried a letter and a box of vials of poison. Ordered the SS soldiers surrounded the villa, Burgdorf Meisel and entered the house, and presented a letter to Field Marshal Keitel. Surprisingly Meisel, Rommel admitted that indeed participated in the conspiracy to Hitler`s bias. Then Burgdorf informed the Field Marshal with a choice. If he chooses suicide, Hitler promised his funeral at the national level with all military honors and guarantee the security and support of his family, including pension payments. If the "Desert Fox" will choose the people`s court, his family will be destined to the same fate as him. Erwin Rommel chose poison and an hour later was dead.

That thought Burgdorf, carrying this secret mission in the house Rommel, we can only guess, but his recent comments clearly show his unwavering devotion to Hitler and the Nazi party proceedings. As the new head of the personnel of the army, and now a partner of one of the murder of opponents of Hitler, Burgdorf was the entree into the inner circle of the Fuehrer and did not leave him until his death. Hitler appreciated the loyalty of Burgdorf, and November 1, 1944 promoted him to general of infantry. In addition, it was on the advice of Burgdorf, Hitler appointed General of Infantry Hans Krebs as chief of the General Staff in place of General Oberst Heinz Guderian.

Wilhelm Burgdorf was stubborn and cruel man, besides drinkers. For slavish devotion to the Nazis hated him most of the officer corps. During the last two months of the war Burgdorf did everything in his power to maintain order, he still could not believe, then, that the situation is hopeless Berlin. March 13, 1945, Goebbels wrote in his diary: "Management of staff of land forces is the only organization of the Wehrmacht, which is supported by a perfect order, and the fault for that is simply not what can be no doubt that General Burgdorf good job and with this job." . In fact, Hitler repeatedly excoriate army officers, officers of the SS and even an old, faithful party members, but there is no evidence of that, he showed displeasure Burgdorf. In the last days of the Reich, General became close friends with Goebbels and Martin Bormann. Especially got along well with each other Burgdorf and Bormann. So, at a reception in Rastenburg, these two are so drunk that danced and shouted about the perfidy of Field Marshal.

April 8, 1945 Burgdorf Krebs admitted: "From the moment that almost a year ago, I began this work I put into it all my energy, all my faith I have tried every means to unite the army and the party ... In the end they did. They accused me that I`m betraying the interests of the German officers, and now I see that the accusations were completely justified, that my work was in vain, and my belief is wrong, is not only wrong, but naive and stupid. ".

But soon, the head of the personnel of the ground forces came from the state of oppression and to the end remained faithful to the cause of the Fuhrer and the nazism. When the ring is surrounded by Soviet troops closed in, Burgdorf made it clear to everyone that stays in the bunker. He was among those who attended the farewell to Hitler before his suicide. The only people who remained in the bunker after the Fuhrer`s death, were General Burgdorf, General Krebs and SS guards. It is believed that Krebs and Burgdorf shot themselves in the basement of the Reich Chancellery May 1, 1945, shortly before the arrival of Russian. Their bodies were in the confusion that accompanied the fall of Berlin, had been lost, and the place where they have found their final resting place is unknown.