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Female Fight Club

Sudden movement, impenetrable protectionthe ability to withstand the most powerful attacks - fans of martial arts battles watching their idols, concentrating primarily on the methods and techniques that participants use to achieve victory. It`s pretty radical changes when the ring out of women - many viewers forget completely thatwhere it came from and leave with your head in a purely aesthetic contemplation.

Women often referred to as the weaker sex ; any man who happened to be in one of the competitions of the club `Wildcatz`, agree to the obvious injustice of this thesis. Women and girls make up the club, demonstrate fighting skills ,which many men would envy ; No special techniques are not practiced - along with standard methods at the local wrestling ring used other people`s hair grips and even the usual slap. The main prize for winning the duel is an unusual mix of a variety of fighting styles ,flavored elements cat fights are ? 50 ; defeated, by the way, also gets a prize - 30 pounds.

Money for participants with a prize going to the audience - so it happened that women admire the struggle of the people going to a lot. The list of participants is also quite extensive ; there is a professional model ,waitresses and even graduated from college. In total, the club `Wildcatz` currently includes 19 member states.

A project was `Wildcatz` Chris Barber (Chris Barber) and his partner, former restlershey Gili Bernadette (Bernadette Gealy). From the outset it was clearthat will differ fundamentally from the usual female wrestling fights `Wildcatz` - along with the usual competitive factor here felt some its stylish atmosphere. Participants behave aggressively, but do not fall to the cruelty - the rules rather hardcoded list of prohibited techniques. All the girls ,wishing to speak in the ring, is trained by the beginning of Bernadette and former Marine David Johnson (David Johnson).

Fights `Wildcatz` way neatly filmed and posted to the network ; You can buy them for a relatively affordable amount - about 10 pounds. By itself,among fans of the project is clearly more the stronger sex - although some women battle in the ring `Wildcatz` clearly hit the spot.

A resident of Nottingham (Nottingham) Windley Deborah (Deborah Windley,) to its 21 years has managed to learn in college to work as a waitress, social workers, and become a single mother. Now Deborah daughter, Mia Lee (Mia-Leigh), 3 years ; leisure child care and basic work Deborah wears a leopard bikini and fishnet stockings, and enters the ring in the form of violent ` Siran` (Siran). Battles with companions at the club for Debory-Siran are not only extremely useful additional income - from each match receives no Windley incomparable adrenaline rush. Of course, Deborah hobby taste is not all her relatives and friends - so the father to the daughter favorites hobbies include quite painful. Most of all he is afraid ,Deborah that the ring can be seriously injured ; So far, however, Windley lucky - in his entire career as a fighting she had not even received a single fracture. Of course, abrasions and bruises Deborah after each match there are many ; Windley, however, does not consider it an expensive price to pay for the chosen route. She had learned not to pay attention to the disapproving comments of loved ones ; Moreover, it is seriously planning to in the future and offer your daughter to join the `Wildcatz`.

19 - year-old model Sarah Christie (Sara Christi), acting under the pseudonym ` Haos` Lucy (Lucy Chaos), argues that once was the natural ` botankoy` ;turn from gray mouse into a beautiful swan - is considered one of the main stars of the project - it helped her love for wrestling. Christy knows that women in her fights not so much interested in her fighting qualities as its physical properties ; this, however ,model did not bother - it gets a lot of pleasure from battles and just throw them is not going to.

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