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Year of birth : 2009

Age: 6 years

Place of birth : Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Citizenship : United States

Modern indie rock with roots in the 1980s

`Wild Nothing` - indie rock and indie pop band from America, combining the sound of indie rock mid- 1980x and elements of such styles as shoegazing, C86 and dream pop. The group was founded in 2009 year and has managed to release two full-length albums and several singles.

Generally `Wild Nothing` - is the black sheep in the indie rock scene simply because frontman and mastermind group Jack Tatum (Jack Tatum) plays indie rock version of the 1980 ,that is, the time when the only style was born. Describing the sound of the band, he often refers to a genre called C86, but, in fact, ` S86` a cassette released by the publication of ` New Musical Express` as a complement to the printed issue of the magazine. An incredible way shortly after the release of her in 1986, 22 songscontained on both sides of the cassette became popular and partly laid the foundation for modern indie rock. In starogo` ` ` Wild Nothing` sound borrowed melancholic sound, something reminiscent of the post-punk, but something - the hits `The Smiths`, but to the old tradition of added elements of shoegazing and dream-pop ,which noticeably softened and revived music sound. After a fast start `Wild Nothing` career in 2010, the year presented the album ` Gemini`, who took 49th place in the ranking of the best albums of the year according to

`Pitchfork Media`, Amazon.com and critics gave the album 36th in a similar ranking. Jack Tatum started his musical activities in Blacksburg, Virginia (Blacksburg, Virginia), when I was in university. But his first team - `Jack and the Whale` and ` FACEPAINT` - have not received special popularity. Under the pseudonym `Wild Nothing` Jack began to record music in the summer of 2009 ,and from the first days of the young musician began to take an interest fans of indie - rock and dream-pop. Kk Jack thinks itself, its success is made up of two things : luck - at that time in America experienced a second life shoegazing, - and neutral sound. Being somewhere between pop and rock musician perfectly fit into the musical tastes of the era ,and the talent and aesthetic sense helped him to write songs that satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding listener.

His demos caught the attention of the audience, but the decisive drop, separating it from a professional contract and touring, the song became a cover version of `Cloudbusting` Kate Bush (Kate Bush).Soon after the emergence of the Internet recording musician has signed a contract with the label `Captured Tracks`. Prior to this, writing and speaking alone, Jack was forced to find musicians who were a part of `Wild Nothing` during live performances. Bass guitarist became Jeff Haley (Jeff Haley), guitarist - Nathan Goodman (Nathan Goodman),and behind the drum kit sat Max Brooks (Max Brooks).

The first single, released on `Captured Tracks`, became ` Summer Holiday`. A few months later, in the spring of 2010, on the shelves of music stores appeared debut album `Gemini`. On the record includes both new songs and beloved by fans of the composition. Music critics highly appreciated the work of a young American, focusing on the definition of his style of music. So, of course, he got a wide variety of genres, which are usually described as ` indie rok`, but it was impossible not to notice and elements drugihstiley ,which gave the music `Wild Nothing` special charm and stands out from other musicians. In October of 2010, Tatum released their debut mini-album `Golden Haze`, after which the group most of the time is devoted to live performances.

The second album, `Nocturne`, was released in August of 2012 and made his debut in the first positions in hit-parades ` New ispolniteley` (New Artist) and` New ispolniteley` alternative (Alternative New Artist) from `Billboard`. The publication `Pitchfork` awarded new work award ` Best New Music`. Last date work - a mini - album `Empty Estate` - came out in 2013, the year.

In an interview, Jack asked ,he sees `Wild Nothing` - as a group or all of the solo project - but the musician could not clearly answer this question: ` At the moment I can not say we have a group or not. It is a strange and incomprehensible place our creativity. In a way, of course, it seems that we are a group, but on the stage, I understand that everyone is playing well ,as he understands my pesni`.

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