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American band "White witch" (" The White Witch ") ,It got its name from the fact that some of its members were initially keen on mysticism, was organized in the Florida city of Tampa after the collapse of "The Tropics". Almost all of the participants already had musical experience playing in different teams, performing compositions inspired by the " British invasion ". The group includes Buddy Richardson (guitar, ex- "Outsiders", "Soul trippers", "Noah`s ark"), Beau Fischer (drums, bass, vocals ; ex "The ravens"), Ronn Goudert (p. September 28, 1950, from 16 July 2000 ;. percussion, vocals ; ex "Rock`n`roll circus"), Buddy Pendergrass (keyboards, backing vocals) and Bobby Shea (percussion, drums, backing vocals) . The latter two just were members of "The Tropics". The main authors of the songs became Goudert and Pendergrass.

Musicians took a sample of the great work "Deep purple". Vocalist Ronn Goudert pretty good parody style of Ian Gillan and Buddy Pendergrass was controlled with keyboard in the style of Jon Lord. The visual image of the boys borrowed from glam-roka, only nascent. The first performance of "White witch" took place at a joint concert with Ted Nugent and "Mothers milk". Musicians have been searching for contacts with various record companies, and finally after a long shaking of an rapids they were able to conclude a contract with the "Capricorn records".The material for the first disc was recorded during the three months. Their debut self-titled album, "White witch", appeared on store shelves in 1972. The material was present on the disk is very varied : from the seven-minute composition "Don`t Close Your Mind", reminiscent of the era of the birth of the hippie movement to hevi-metal "Help Me Lord" and made Boogie "Home Grown Girl".

The title song of the same name with a long "Parabrahm Greeting / Dwellers of the Threshold" Posted in General reminded the music from Disney films. The group`s second disc, "A Spiritual Greeting" went on sale in 1974. In its creation no longer participated Beau Fisher,since he was replaced by a former member of "The tropics" Charlie Souza. However, before it had time to play bass Rabbi Barbie. One of the best songs on the new album became "Walk on", written in the spirit of things McCartney. In general, the sound disc was more British than American. After the release of the second album from the group unexpectedly knocked Buddy Richardson, who decided to go to the missionaries. Worthy replacing him to find it was not possible and after a while, "White witch" disintegrated. July 16, 2000 died, former lead singer Ronn Goudert.

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