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This glam -rock team was founded in 1983, moved to New York Dane Mike Tramp (vocals) . The company he initially made his countryman, guitarist of "Geisha" Oliver Steffanson. However, the alliance was short-lived and Steffanson returned to Denmark ,though subsequently his way with Tramp crossed several times. Mike also invited the guitarist Vito Bratt (ex- " Dreamer ") and bassist Felix Robinson (ex- "Angel" and " 707 ") .

"White lion" His debut album was recorded in Germany, in Frankfurt with producer Peter Hawke. But "Elektra" in no hurry to release the record and the band returned to New YorkNY, but without Robinson. For now taken basuhu Dave Spitz, who became famous later in "Anthrax".

I must say that the first time drummers in "White lion" changed as gloves. The situation stabilized only in 1985, when the place of Nikki sat Kapozzi Greg D`Anzhelo (ex- "Anthrax"). By the time the hit the shelves nakonetsthen came "Fight To Survive", published by the Japanese "JVC Victor".

White lion soon at the invitation of producer Jeff Glicksman Dave Spitz left in "Black sabbath". The resulting hole plugged Bruno Reyvel, and only then was recruited ex- bassist "Rondinelli" James Lomenzo. Then the team was invited to participate in the film "

The Money Pit " with Tom Hanks. Following this, "White lion" signed a contract with "Atlantic Records" and immediately went into the studio to write the next album. Some of the material for it was ready to put his hand to anything else, Peter Hoch. However, the "Atlantic" insisted on a new producer Michael Wagener. promotertour in support of the disc "Pride" group held in the company of "Frehley`s comet" and "Y and T", then giving a few concerts somestno with "Triumph" and "Kiss".

As a result of these presentations, the single "When The Children Cry" has appeared on the third line billbordovskih charts. At the beginning of 1988, "White lion" first visit to Europe, taxied along the way to England. Then "Fight To Survive" with the help of the company "Music For Nations" appeared on European shelves.

White lionPered recording the next disc "White lion" swept through

States, warming himself Ozzy Osbourne. Despite the fact that the "Big Game" was in England, far from the rave reviews ,Party had a good tour in company with "Motley crue", and then performed as headliners in Japan. British same tour were canceled because the Tramp had to remove the tonsils. When he returned to life from the operation, the team began recording his next album, "Mane Attraction".After its release in the spring of 1991 the band finally got back to England. On his return from there and the staff left D`Anzhelo Lomenzo.

The other two tried to involve his band drummer Jimmy Degrassi and bassist Tommy Caradonna. A small US tour this configuration, the total failure and the end of 1991 Tramp officially announced the dissolution of the "White lion".

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