Western Lows

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Year of birth : 2011

Age: 4 years

Place of birth : Athens, Georgia, USA

Citizenship : United States

The group, which appeared out of nowhere

`Western Lows` -American indie -rock and dream pop band from Athens, Georgia (Athens, Georgia). Despite the fact that the group was established only in 2011, the year, and the first album released in mid-summer 2013th, music critics have already tipped the musicians in the future become the flagships of the genre.

` Some groups appear out of nowhere. They just appear -Journalists wrote the label `Highline Records`, on which the band`s first album was recorded - but only ` Western Laws` heard and were able to repeat the melody out of nowhere, out of nothing and bezmyatezhnosti`. Indeed, each new song of the album, every second, a moment, note - all this brings the listener somewhere far away ,where all invested in the meaning of the song gradually opened, revealing the heavenly feeling with which the band worked on the album.

History of the group did not fit into the previously traced the standard stereotype of modern indie - rockers : the musicians knew each other from school, they did not have unusual hobbies or memorable love stories. Everything was much more than usual, more realistic : they met in one of the bars of Athens, Georgia, and in the same place and asked the bartender for a clean napkin, wrote the text of the first song.

Jack Burnside (Jack Burnside), a former member of the popular indie rock group `Mezzanine Owls`, began writing his own songs in 2011, the year. Without a clear plan ,he met bassist Andy LeMasterom (Andy LeMaster), which invited their ` future proekt`. Boys recorded a few songs, but the work was not particularly fast, but Jack and was not sure of the lyrics. After a day in the studio musicians decided to note the progress in the bar, where they sat down at a distant friend Andy, Michael Stipe (Michael Stipe),and immediately offered to help with the texts - is it always possible.

When you exit from the bar in the pocket of Jack lay the napkin with the text of the song `Tall White Church`, and Michael was no longer just a ` friend to vecher` and partner about the group.

The three boys began to seriously engage in the recording of their debut album `Glacial`, the release of which none of them serious thought. Their sound mixed guitars, acoustic drums, electronic processing, complex sets of sound effects, different for each song selected, but the main element of sound was of course the vocals. Quiet and a bit sad voice of a well-designed arrangements sounded completely different ,if getting out of the depths of the soul or even reach the bottom of the space. Despite the fact that the album was recorded with no known producers and expensive equipment, it is in no way inferior to professional recording quality and its effect on the listener.

`Glacial` album was released in June 2013. ,a few months before the musicians of the `Western Lows` was offered a professional contract - so began their collaboration with the young label ` Highline Records`, which is engaged in search and support of young indie rock performers. Thus, it became known shortly before release ofthat recording was attended by guest musicians and friends groups.

` Some musicians appear out of nowhere, - said one of the comments on the band`s debut album - but in the case of ` Western Lows` it is no longer important - even one of this work enough to never return to the ` nikuda`.

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