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Rivers Cuomo (b. 13 June 1970) spent his childhood on the small farms of Connecticut. By 18 years of provincial life pretty bored him, and he went to seek his fortune in Los Angeles.

While in high school, Rivers parallel to beat teams in a pile of metal, and when he moved to college, he was more interested in the beginning of an alternative and post-punk. But this time, Cuomo somewhat lucky - he threw the girl. Upset man undertook to write songs that tried to vent their feelings. When the material accumulated order, he formed his own group, "Weezer". The team also included Matt Sharp (b. September 20, 1969, bass), Patrick Wilson (b. February 1, 1969 ,drums) and Jason Cropper (guitar) . Around the year the team was warming up on the club scene in Los Angeles.

Then somehow the guys managed to strike up a deal with the label DGC, and they started recording their debut album. The producer of the album was a former leader of the once popular group "Cars" Ric Ocasek. During the sessions, as a part was replaced - Cropper left to organize their own project "Chopper one", and his place taken by Brian Bell (born December 9, 1968.) .

WeezerPervy drive "Weezer" appeared on the shelves in 1994. The label did not spare money for its promotion, and even went to the same video for the song "Undone (The Sweater Song)",on the creation of which bothered the talented music video director Spike Jonze. This situation contributed to the good sales of the album, but still the most decisive factor in this regard was the hit song "Buddy Holly", due to which the popularity of the group has stepped far beyond the neighborhood of Los Angeles. Despite the success of such activities team was suspended because Cuomo went to Harvard to complete their education. Sharp and Wilson do at this time of the creation of his own project "The rentals", in which the composition of the audience pleased hit "Friends of P".

In the spring of 1996, "Weezer" came together again to record their second LP. "Pinkerton" obtained more interesting sounding, that did not fail to note the many critics. However, he did not receive proper promotion and the sale of it were much lower than that of the " platinum " predecessor.

WeezerLeybl decided to rectify the situation in the light of the release of the hit little things "The Good Life". However, by the timeas the single was released, demand for guitar punk - pop, which performed "Weezer" and dropped him to the radio station refused to broadcast. After touring in support of "Pinkerton" the band`s career went into decline, and the guys had to think well on further actions. I do not stand the tension and Sharpe left the team to concentrate on work in "Rentals".Bell and Wilson also fun side projects, but with "Weezer" still not torn. In 1998, I found a new bass player Mikey Welsh (b. April 20, 1971) . In 2000, the team decided to record a third album, followed by producing again took Okasek.

Released in May 2001, "Green album" instantly soared ,He is making his debut in "Billboard" in fourth place. Almost all summer protorchal album in the charts and the composition " Weezer " is constantly heard in the air, the group returned to the top of the " alternative." While on tour in 2001 Welch ill and had to be replaced by Scott Shriner of "Broken". With his participation and you next album was recorded, "Maladroit".

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Weezer picture
Weezer photo
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