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Year of birth : 1984

Age: 31 year

Place of birth : New Hope, Pennsylvania, United States

Citizenship : United States

Alternative rock staff`Ween` first played on stage in 1987 ,

at the local talent show: I must admit, the crowd of parents and teachers were not ready to hear the legendary song `Purple Haze` full guitar solos, double bass and acoustic bass guitar. Since then, the young team has become more or less known in the area; sometimes they performed in local bars,however, such actions were more comedic rooms for visitors.

`Ween` - alternative rock band formed back in 1984 in the town of New Hope, Pennsylvania (New Hope, Pennsylvania). The history of this musical group is markedly different from his contemporaries - perhaps because,that at the time of its formation the participants were all 14 years: Michael Melchiondo (Michael Melchiondo) and Aaron Freeman (Aaron Freeman) first met in eighth grade middle school. From the first minutes of communication they disliked each other, but over time began to hold together more and more time.A few months later they came up with his new name - Ween and took new names: ever since the world began to call Michael Dean (Dean), and Aaron - Gene (Gene). According to the parents of one of the guys, they can sit for hours in the attic, writing compositions in the style of groups like `The Beatles`,` Queen` and Frank Zappa (Frank Zappa),but just a few minutes Are the mood changed, and flew from Amplifier guitar riffs in the style of punk legend `The Ramones`.

During the first few months of the guys have recorded as many as 6 cartridges, but a boy`s voice, even under the skilled accompaniment, did not cause the faces of the people is nothing but a smile. Souped brothers is,however, It did not bother, and they continued to record new material in the cassette player, hoping that sometime in the future and to their turn to become the most famous musicians in the United States.

`Ween` first played on stage in 1987, at a local talent show: admittedly,crowd of parents and teachers were not ready to hear the song known with a legendary `Purple Haze` full guitar solos, double bass and acoustic bass guitar. Since then, the young team has become more or less known in the area; sometimes they performed in local bars, but these performances were more comedic rooms for visitors.

1989-The year was marked by `Ween` signing its first contract in the life of the studio` Twin / Tone Records`. In the same year, the stores appeared their first CD `GodWeenSatan: The Oneness`, which fit as many as 29 songs - almost a record number for a single album. Immediately after the release, there was a boom -after the usual punk rock music `Ween` was a revelation for the audience as well as critics. It seemed the entire country overnight, the receiver is tuned to the same frequency, lushaya childish voice of Gina.

The second album Group opted not to record in the studio, and in the apartment, using a tape recorder.The studio agreed to these demands, and after a surprisingly short time received album with the sonorous name `The Pod`.

As with past work, the new album has been met with `Hurrah! `.

By the time the guys probably thought that more fame they have not receive, but fate had them completely different plans.Song `Push th` Little Daisies` album of 1992 ` Pure Guava` eclipsed the previous 2 albums. It seemed that in the first week after its release on the lips of every American frozen smile - the first impression of the song. Just 3 minutes musicians were able to convey all that worried about teenagers at the time, but at the same time,in contrast to the modern, they managed to find the very line between what `s funny and what is vulgar.

Each following work group something so different from the previous one: so, the album ` 12 Golden Country Greats` was unique in that it contains all 10 songs, and the next job -` The Mollusk` - beaten sea theme and wanderings, not forgetting. in addition, satirize English sea shanty.

In 1999, the guys chose not to release a new album in the usual compact discs, instead they simply posted it on the Internet, giving a chance to every listener to download it yourself.

Of particular note is the album `La Cucaracha`. knownit was recorded at their own studio musicians,a building which for many decades was the village home, the album musicians Soin about 50 songs, but left only 13 of them on the disk.

The album provoked another boom in the camp of fans and immediately took the 69 th position in the ranking of `The Billboard 200`.According to the band, they never experienced a creative crisis;as recognized by one of the participants, they often rewrite the compositions from their first audio cassettes, passing them off as just written.

Men from `Ween` repeatedly took part in side projects, including such groups as` Z-Rock Hawaii` and `Moistboyz`.

knownThat the participants `Ween` still compose new songs,touring worldwide and releasing new albums; by the way, is now the musicians are working on writing songs for the new album, which is expected to be released in the middle of 2011

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