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Year of birth : 2005

Age: 10 years

Place of birth : Bradenton, Florida, USA

Citizenship : United States

Percussion Pop - Punk from Florida

`We the Kings` - American band from Bradenton, Florida (Bradenton, Florida). The musicians themselves define their style as poppunk and alternative rock : their songs in heavy guitars mixed with deep lyrics and sinks into the soul choruses.

Perhaps the most memorable music lovers group thanks to his popular singles `Check Yes Juliet`, which appeared on the platinum edition of the band`s debut album. Songs so pleased with the audience ,the album for several weeks did not fall in the world music charts, and the album `s total sales exceeded 250 thousand copies - a record number for the album of young pop -punk band. Despite its popularity, the band rarely give recitals or sent to solitary tours : almost always someone coming to themone of their friends or young, as yet unknown group, for which the performance of punks from Florida becomes perhaps the most important of his career.

The Group has its origins in the small town of Bradenton, Florida, a high school friend uchilisetyre : Travis Clark (Travis Clark), Hunter Thomsen (Hunter Thomsen),his brother Drew Thomsen (Drew Thomsen) and Danny Duncan (Danny Duncan). Despite the fact that all four have long interested in music and played well on the musical instruments, the idea to create your own rock band came to their minds only in high school. Over the choice of style guys did not think too long - that, in addition protestarotiv societyIt may be in the minds of young men who are ready at once to conquer America and the world with their songs ?

So, a group that for the first time often changed names and was established in 2005 year. Songwriting was given the guys quite easily ,and very soon they performed in clubs in Florida and were given a small tour of the United States east coast (United States).

For the first time under the name `We the Kings` musicians began performing while on tour with the then unknown group ` Boys Like Girls`. In April 2005, the band has performed with bands such as `Valencia`,` The Cab`,`Sing It Loud` and ` Charlotte Sometimes`. In the summer they have agreed to participate in a big tour in the UK (United Kingdom) with the band `Cute Is What We Aim For` already familiar ` Boys Like Girl

`. In the year 2007, on the advice of his producer, the band has posted the song selected in the Internet. At the same time the studio `S-Curve Records` musicians offered a contract and assistance in recording their debut album.

The album, dubbed `We the Kings`, was recorded in just a few months, and appeared in stores in the same year. Shortly after the album was in the rating `Billboard 200`, gdeanyal 151 th place. Though the album did not get the first part of the rating ,it is in some way set a record by staying in the hip parade for fifteen weeks. One of the songs - `Check Yes Juliet` - became a hit and took the 70 th place in the ranking of ` Billboard Hot 100` and 25 th position in the chart pop songs `Mainstream Top 40`. In support of the album, the band embarked on a tour with other rock bands.

In 2011-m goduvyshel second album - `Smile Kid`, - which has been somewhat more popular debut work : he finished 15th in the chart from the point of the best albums of alternative groups and 24 - in the chart of the best rock albums. Also gone from the team Drew Thomsen, and was replaced by Charles Trippy (Charles Trippy). In December 2011-Travis year launched its clothing brand `King Travis Clothing`, products sold through the site Ofiial`nye group.

Last date the work of musicians - this album `Sunshine State of Mind`, released in the summer of 2011, after only a few months after the second studio album. Record received positive reviews from critics ,fans of the band are also well received by the altered sound, which became rougher and ` rokovym`.

In January 2013, the musicians said Cho started recording a new album, tentatively scheduled for early April. Despite the fact that the album is still in the information stage, the band released several singles ,who almost immediately hit the alternative charts. In September 2013, `We the Kings` gave a big concert in which, apart from them, attended by groups such as ` The Ready Set`, `Breathe Carolina` and other

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