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Year of birth : 1970

Age: 45 years

Citizenship : United States


The team `Wayne County & the Electric Chairs` born in the era of nagryanuvshaya the first wave of punk bands in the 1970s. The music team led trensseksual Wayne County (Wayne County) hails from Dallas, Georgia (Dallas, Georgia). Replacing male to female ,he became known under the name of Jane County (Jayne County).

Initially, Wayne County has performed in New York (New York) with a group called `Queen Elizabeth`, after which the team was born ` Wayne County and The Backstreet Boys`. one of the early singles of the group included Blank Generation` label `Rhino`,: The track listing for the collection ` DIY`Max`s Kansas City 1976`.

After the county moved to London (London, England), together with Greg Van Cook (Greg Van Cook), member of the band `Backstreet Boys`, transsexual took to his command drummer and bass player from the team of ` The Electric Chairs`. As a result, Cook was responsible for guitar, Val Haller (Val Haller) - for bass, and JJ Johnson (J.J.Johnson) - for drums.

County Group began to carry the name of `Wayne County & the Electric Chairs`. The boys became famous for his extravagant way or another focused on sexual minorities and profanity -filled ballads. The group also drew the audience his true punk rock sound and images on stage ,the creation of which significantly affected Jackie Curtis (Jackie Curtis) and theatrical genre `Theatre of the Ridiculous`.

Jools Holland (Jools Holland) was the first session musician for the group `Wayne County and the Electric Chairs` in 1976. None of the band`s album was not released in her native United States for the participants ,except for three songs from one of the earliest punk compilations, `Max`s Kansas City`.

Collective County supported the tour group `The Police` in Holland (Holland) in 1977. The cooperation has led to the fact that off from `The Polic` guitarist Henry Padovani (Henry Padovani) began to be responsible for the rhythmguitar in `Wayne County ad the Electric Chairs`. After Greg Van Cook left the band, he was replaced by Elliot Michaels (Elliot Michaels).

Having released two albums in the new line-up, `Storm the Gates of Heaven` and ` Things Your Mother Never Told You`, there was a split in the group. Elliot Michaels began to support solo County. Padovani ,Haller and Johnson as part of `The Electric Chairs` recorded their last single ` So Many Ways`, before problems with the financial management of the group forced each of its members to go their separate ways. Before disbanding Padovani and Haller, replacing each other, were the leading vocalists `The Electric Chairs`.Group `Wayne County & the Electric Chairs` (or individual participants) represented in the films ` The Blank Generation` 1976, Yubiley` ` (` Jubilee`) 1977 and `The Punk Rock Movie` 1978,

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