Wayne Boden

Picture of Wayne Boden

Age: 58

Citizenship: Canada

The history of the vampire killer

Canadian serial killer and rapist, were active in the period from 1969 to 1971-th. Known by the nickname `rapist-vampir` (` The Vampire-Rapist`) - he had acquired it because of its habit of biting of the victims chest. It is this habit, by the way, and helped to catch him - Wayne calculated for tooth prints. Boden became one of the first maniacs kind in the country - only a few years after his arrest by US thundered story of Ted Bundy (Ted Bundy).

On October 3, 1969 in the backyard of a multistory building in Montreal (Montreal) body was found some kind of Odette Shirley (Shirley Audette). She was fully dressed; later, however, it became clear that the killer raped her before they suffocate. The breast Shirley characteristic bite marks were found. Under the nails Odette was not the slightest trace of the attacker`s skin - later one of the researchers on the basis of this attempt to prove that she did not try to resist. On the night of the murder of Shirley guy working the night shift; Bodin lived next door to Odette and met her on the street, where the woman came to unwind.

One former boyfriends Shirley told police that he killed had an affair with a very attractive and strong guy - Odette in general was a great lover of hard relationships.

On November 23, an employee of a local jewelry shops, Archambo Marielle (Marielle Archambault) left the workplace with a certain young man. On assurances colleagues Marielle looked incredibly happy and obviously enjoying the company of his boyfriend. The next morning Archambo did not appear at work; her boss decided to visit her home. Enlisting the help of the landlady, he entered the apartment; and there was found the body of Marielle. As is the case with Shirley, the victim was fully dressed and raped; on her breasts were teeth marks. The police found in the apartment Archambo crumpled photo; colleagues identified it mysterious boyfriend killed, but detectives did not help. Later it became known that from the very beginning detectives were on the wrong track - the father of Marielle in the photo, not the mysterious Bill (introduced as a friend of his killer Archambo) was depicted.

The next blow Boden paid in two months. January 16, 1970 for the 24-year-old Jin Wei (Jean Way) came her boyfriend - they were going on a date. At the knock on the door she did not answer; the guy decided to come back later. When he returned, he found the front door open. The girl`s body was found on the bed - this time, however, it was completely naked, and teeth marks in this time were found. The police realized that the killer was in the apartment when a man came Way for the first time.

The story about the killer-vampire leaked to the press; city ??covered real panic. Later, however, it turned out that there was nothing left to be afraid of - Jin Wei was the last of the victims` Billa` Montreal. Once again on the hunt Boden released only a year later, in Calgary (Calgary) - 2,500 miles from Montreal.

On the morning of 18 May 1971 on rabotune left 33-year-old teacher Elizabeth Ann Porto (Elizabeth Anne Porteous). A little later, the landlord found her body on the floor of the bedroom - Elizabeth raped, bitten and strangled. Detectives were able to determine that the previous evening Porto - in front of two colleagues - the village in blue `Mersedes`; in the back of his glass was attached characteristic sticker in the form of a bull. Another one of his friends killed remembered that for some time she was dating a guy named `Bill`.

A day later, patrolling the crime scene the police noticed the description of a suitable vehicle. Half an hour later Bodin returned to his car and was arrested. During the conversation with the police, he admitted that he had arrived a year ago from Montreal, met with Porto and was with her the night of her murder; Wayne, however, insisted that Elizabeth was in perfect order when he left. Contact the police Montreal, detectives got a photo of the ill-fated house Archambo; Marielle father is really much like Boden. Police provided decisive proof of a local orthodontist, Gordon Swann (Gordon Swann) - it was he compared the bite marks on the body with teeth Porto Boden and proved their identity. Canadian forensic scientists had never worked with the imprints of the teeth; Swann asked for help from the FBI. J. Edgar Hoover (J. Edgar Hoover), the FBI director, told him personally; Gordon offered contact with a certain Englishman, who previously worked on similar cases. In the end, Swann has collected the necessary data, carry out an adequate th expertise and demonstrated that teeth and killer teeth Boden match to 29 characters. Wayne jury found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The court was due to expire in Montreal; Indeed, Bodin admitted to three murders attributed to him - however, flatly refused to take the death killed on June 23th 1968, 21-year-old Veylenkort Standards (Norma Vaillancourt). Already in 1994, it becomes clear that he spoke the truth - for the murder of Veylenkort will be sentenced to 10 years someone Sauvo Ramon (Raymond Sauve).

For murder Odette, Archambo Way Boden and received three life sentences; serving his sentence, he began on February 16, 1972, in a prison in Kingston (Kingston).

In 1977, Boden received a gift from `American Express` credit card; later he would use it to escape. Catch it within 36 hours, in the restaurant of one of Montreal Hotels - Wayne will go there to eat. The whole story, however, will lead to long disciplinary proceedings - three guards will be severely punished, and with respect to `American Express` begin trial - already too many people will be wondering `How and why sentenced to 4 life sentences issued credit card?`.

In 2006, Wayne was transferred to the district hospital in Kingston. The hospital Boden spent a total of six weeks, but the medicine is not able to anything to help him - on 27 March 2006, the murderer died of skin cancer.