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Group "WatchTower" was founded in May 1982 by guitarist Billy White, drummer Rick Kolalyukoy and another guitarist, switched to bass, Doug Keyser. At vocalist Jason McMaster, who has found soon on the ad were the same intention as that of the rest of the trio - playing a cover band.

Executable collective repertoire includes songs of artists such as the "Judas Priest", "Iron Maiden", "Raven", "Thin Lizzy", "Accept", "Scorpions", "Def Leppard", "Rush","Riot" and some others. Initially, the musicians enough of another material, which they played at concerts in his native Austin. However, over time they began to appear and own things, gradually occupying a growing share in the setlist. At the same time "WatchTower" to develop their own sound ,which absorbed the impact of a severe type commands "Rush" and "Raven", and prog -rock type "King Crimson" and "UK".

In the end, the musicians completely abandoned alien things, and even on their flyers are now specifically pointed out : "now all original". The special effects are not expected, but soon suddenly surprised to find ,that their concert was going to more people. Then the guys took up the matter more seriously and began to send their demos for different fanzines, and radio stations.

WatchtowerV up on "WatchTower" came representatives of the independent record label from San Antonio, "Rainforest Records", offered to record their debut album. Sessions were successful ,but it came out only one song ("Meltdown"), which appeared on the compilation "A Texas Hardcore Compilation - Cottage Cheese From The Lips Of Death". "Rainforest" by the time successfully went bankrupt, so the rest of the recorded material was abandoned on a shelf. Men were somewhat puzzled by the situation ,but after some hesitation we decided to continue the job. Replacing White bedroom to a more appropriate place for rehearsals, they recorded the portion of the compositions, formed the basis of "Energetic Disassembly".

The album, released by a small "Zomba Records", made the team one of the pioneers of prog - techno - thrash. The album has sold all five thousand copies, but even this amount was enough to fame of Texas musicians has reached Europe. Despite the relative success of "Energetic Disassembly", in 1986 the group was left by its founder and principal songwriter Billy White. He was replaced by longtime friend of the team, guitarist "S.A.Slayer " Ron Yarzombek, played his first performances with " WatchTower " in January 1987.

WatchtowerObnovlenny composition continued concert activity, but by the end of the year again appeared staffing problems. First, McMaster " went on a visit " to the heavy - metal band "Dangerous Toys", and when she received a major contract from the "Columbia Records",I moved to a permanent job. The resulting vacancy filled Mike Soliz from Texas gang "Militia". Although this guy and spent in the ranks of " WATCHTOWER " for about a year, he recorded with the band only one track (ironically called "Dangerous Toy"), released on the compilation album "Doomsday News 2 ". Mike did not fit into the team ,and to replace him was invited Alan tekche of "Hades".

successful album "Control and Resistance", published by "Noise International" was recorded with this singer. In support of the disk group held the European- American tour, but after the departure of Alan in "Non Fiction" split. Only at the beginning of the Millennium held reunion "WatchTower".Musicians announced their intention to record the third album, but on a series of concerts and the release of a collection of early demo is not moved.

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