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California metal formation "Warrior" was born in 1983. The original composition of the group was as follows : Parramor McCarthy (vocals) , Joe Floyd (guitar) , Tommy Asakava (guitar) , Rick Bennett (bass, keyboards), Liam Jason (drums) .

As usual, the guys started with small club venues and great popularity is not enjoyed. The situation has changed with the release of the demo trehtrekovogo ,whereby concerts "Warrior" were held with notices. Immediately to the metal from Los Angeles began to show interest in a variety of labels, and after a while "warriors" have got contracts from the US "MCA records" and European " 10 records".

In 1985, the team loudly declared itself ,releasing a killer album "Fighting for the earth". His exceptional talent as a composer and a brilliant guitar work made critics gush praise.

Warrior: Rob Rock & Joe Floyd "Warrior" while constantly compared with the then popular "Savatage" and "Def leppard". By the way, before leaving "Fighting for the earth" in" Military " series two changes occurred : Liam Jason conceded his drums Jimmy Volpe, and the place turned out to be Rick Bennett Bruce Tergon of "Black sheep". Almost immediately after the release of the debut album the label sent a team to the studio at seven months (referring to the allegedly existing standards), although, according to the musicians ,they only had a few weeks. When the session was over, the company management changed its decision and canceled the release of records, citing the fact that the heavy metal they did not need.

"Warrior" could not keep such a strike, and the group broke up. Only in 1993, Floyd again came into contact with McCarthy, and offered to finish the job ,I started eight years ago, and publish unrealized still material.

Warrior However, it took another five years before the second drive "Warrior" was released. "Ancient future", released in 1998 on the "Metal blade records", represents all the same high quality heavy metal, only slightly modernized. In support of the album " Warriors " was successfully performed at the famous festival in Wacken. In the year 2000 the band entered a new vocalist (he was Rob Rock) and new drummer (these functions are assumed by Dave Dukey) . Rock has managed to establish itself in the participation of groups of Axel Rudi Pell and Chris Impellitteri ,therefore turned to "Warrior" truly a godsend.

Recorded with him album "The code of life" could well be considered a classic of the genre. However, cooperation " warriors " with Rob Rock on this over, and regular sessions Floyd had invited Marc Storace of the " Krokus " Swiss team.

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Warrior picture
Warrior photo
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