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Warren Adler - author of forty books, twelve of which were bought the film rights. The most famous earned his novel ` War of the Rouz` (` The War of the Roses`),which tells about the ` chudovischnom` divorce. Roman migrated to the big screen to a black comedy starring Michael Douglas (Michael Douglas), Kathleen Turner (Kathleen Turner) and Danny DeVito (Danny DeVito).

Warren Adler was born on December 16, 1927 th, in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York). Enlisted in the pressBC service during the Korean War, Adler served in the Pentagon as a Washington correspondent.

He owned four radio stations and TV stations, as well as supervised its advertising and public relations agency in Washington, DC (Washington, D.C.). Warren was one of the founders of the magazine `Washington Dossier` and convened a Conference of writers Jackson Hole. He currently resides in New York with his wife Sonja Klein Adler, once served as a coffee editor.

The main theme in the works of Adler - human relationships. He writes about the mysterious nature of love and attraction, the fragile relationship between husbands and wives, parents and children ,corrupting power of money and the aging process. Warren also leads art examples of how families manage to preserve its unity, despite Unleashes tests outside.

In 1974, his third novel, `Options`, was published by ` Whitman Publishing`.Later Adler released the novels ` War of the Rouz` and Web lzhi` ` (`Random Hearts`). The film ` War of the Rouz` appeared in theaters back in 1989, while the right to stage the novel were bought back on Broadway in the spring of 2014. Artwork ` Web lzhi` turned into a motion picture in 1999 ,with Harrison Ford (Harrison Ford) and Kristin Scott Thomas (Kristin Scott Thomas).

For yet unpublished book Adler `Private Lies` waged a real war proposals in Hollywood. According to `Newsweek`, studio ` TriStar Pictures` outbid companies `Warner Bros` and ` Columbia`, giving the film rights for $ 1.2 million. This amount for further unpublished manuscript before Hollywood had not spread.

In 1981, Adler wrote a continuation of the book ` War of the Rouz` called ` The Children of the Roses`. Events in the sequel to tell us about how the main characters of divorce has affected their children. In 2013, the roman-continuation was reissued under the title `The War of the Roses - The Children`.

Storybook Adler `New York Echoes` released in audiobook format. Actress Cynthia Nixon (Cynthia Nixon), best known for the TV series ` Sex and the gorode` (Sex and the City`), responsible for the role of the reader of the book `New York Echoes` and honored for this award ` Emmi`. In the early 2000s, Warren suggested the imminent fall of the demand for print publications. He was confident that in the near future e-books will become the norm. Adler has got a full catalog of books available on the market, and turned her into a digital library. Digitized books were published by his own company, `Stonehouse Press`.For the oldest and largest professional organization of writers known as the Authors Guild, Adler wrote an article in which he called his colleagues as much as possible to prepare for major changes in the traditional publishing business. He claimed that now the publishing house no longer have a monopoly on the marketing, distribution ,publicity and content. Warren said that the prolific author himself should take responsibility for their own fate, as traditional publishers are slowly disappearing. In 2011, he released five new e-books specifically for the Internet service `Amazon`.

Adler is regularly updated with posts of your blog in the onlineMedia `The Huffington Post` and gives lectures on creative writing, on the adapted script and e-books. In 2006, he established the contest `The Warren Adler Short Story Contest`, which competed with the authors of short stories. The first collection of winning stories came out in 2010. Warren is also the sponsor of the program to attract well-known authors in the department of creative writing at New York University (New York University).

Adler appeared on ABC in talk show Segodnya` ` (` The Today Show`), ` Good morning, Amerika` (` Good Morning America`) and `Geraldo`.

In one of the most famous book series AdlerFiona Fitsdzherald` ` (` Fiona Fitzgerald`), events revolve around an extraordinary woman who for thirty. She was born into a noble family of the senator of New York, but decided not to get bogged down in politics and become a detective to investigate the killings. When she was asked why she had to investigate it simply and succinctly replied, ` Because mogu`. Throughout his childhood Fiona enjoyed all the privileges of her late father. Before to go to the detectives, she thoroughly studied the entire political world of Washington and gained access to the political elite. Thanks to its extensive connections and his powerful intuition and experience in the investigation ,Fitzgerald easy to maneuver between political and criminal worlds Washington. With the growth of its rating increased complexity of cases investigated by it.

In addition to the disclosure of crimes and disclosed personal life itself Fiona. Each new case is linked in various ways with new lovers or boyfriends ,and each of them must be influential and powerful. For example, in the novel `Senator Love` heart Fitzgerald submits Senator Sam Langford, and in the eighth book about the adventures of a female detective ,` Washington Masquerade`, tied relationship with Larry Porter, chief editor of `Washington Post`.

Reportedly,book series ` Fiona Fitsdzherald` now converted into a screenplay for the production of the television series.

In preparation for the shooting is dramediya `Funny Boys` Adler at the eponymous book of 2008. In addition, the announced film project `The War of the Roses: The Children`

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