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"Warrant" was one of the most attractive glam - rock bands that originated in Los Angeles-based scene in the 80s. "Warrant" was one of the most attractive glam - rock bands that originated in Los Angeles-based scene in the 80s. The group was founded in 1984 by vocalist Adam Shore and drummer Max Asher. Soon she joined the ranks of bassist Jerry Dixon and guitarist Erik Turner. The composition was beefed up with another guitarist ,Josh Lewis, and the team began to drive with concerts in his native California. In September 1986, Shore and Asher went to organize a new project, "Hot wheelz". In their places have tried a lot of people, until finally there were no Jani Lane and Stephen Sweet. With their arrival things went smoothly ,and "Warrant" soon won fame concert popular team in the Los Angeles area.

In March 1987, Lewis was replaced by Joe Allen in the new line-up the band recorded a demo for "Paisley Park Records". After that, the "Warrant" showered with various offers. First, they recorded a couple of tracks for "A & M Records",and then worked on the soundtrack for the film "Bill & Ted`s Excellent Adventure". In the end, the team signed a contract with "Columbia Records" and began recording their debut album.

After the release of "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich" team went to its first global American tour ,during which her company were "Queensryche", "Cinderella", "Poison", "Kindome Come". By the fall of 1989 album sales has exceeded the platinum mark, and the single "Heaven" was "gold". The second album, "Cherry Pie", was also a success, mainly due to the title track. In 1990, the group opened the first concerts of "Poison",but then, too, he had passed into the status of the headliners. The following year, the team, together with David Lee Roth paid a visit to Europe. The tour ended in tears for Lane, who fell off the stage and broke his rib. True to March he was returned to life, and the "Warrant" traveled across the United States again in the role of headliners.

In 1992-m, led by producer Michael Wagener was recorded "Dog Eat Dog". Although this album is considered to be the strongest work of the group, its sale was not as high as that of his predecessors. " Gold " disc certainly got, but to " platinum " still has not held.

Began grunge era and labels have little interest in "ordinary" metalheads. "Columbia", dissatisfied with the latest editions of the plate, terminated the contract with the "Warrant". For some time the team left Jani Lane, but that collective misfortunes did not end there, as he died a longtime manager of Tom Haleth. In 1994, the band left the other two, Joe Allen and Steven Sweet. They were replaced by Rick Steyterom and James Kottak ,and with the help of keyboard player Dave White began recording a new album, "Ultraphobic". Although the record was sdela in the manner of "Dog Eat Dog" grungy influences on it all the same feel. In 1996 Kottak gave way on drums, Bobby Borg, but that lasted about a year and was replaced by Vicki Fox.Fluctuations drummers did not end there, and in 1998 the newly opened position taken by Danny Wagner.

He stayed in the post drummer two years, and in 2000, together with Rick Steyer dumped from the "Warrant". The new members of the team were Mike Fasano (drums) and guitarist Keri Kelli. After a tour with "Ratt" and "L.A.Guns " Kelly moved to " Slash`s Snakepit ", a position filled longtime friend of the band, Billy Morris.

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