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The death penalty for the death of his mistress

The first African-American in the United States, sentenced to death for murder in 1954, and the sixth woman whose death sentence in 1977 was passed ,when the United States resumed the death penalty. Its victim in 1988, during an argument, was her 29 -year-old mistress lesbian Gloria Jean Liters (Gloria Jean Leathers).Her last treatment and life for three months before his execution were recorded on film by director Liz Garbus (Liz Garbus) in the documentary ` The Execution of Wanda Allen` (The Execution of Wanda Jean), which was released in 2002.

Wanda Jean Allen was born on August 17, 1959. She was the second of eight children, her mother was an alcoholic ,father left home after the birth of the last child, and the family lived in a government apartment on welfare. When Wanda was 12, she was hit by a truck, and at the age of 14 or 15 years, it stabbed in the left temple. At 17, she dropped out of school.

The examination found that her mental faculties severely affected ,Allen IQ does not exceed 69. It is especially important that affected the left hemisphere. This was reflected in its understanding on the possibility of logically express their views and the ability to analyze cause-and- effect relationships. The experts also concluded that Allen was chronically more vulnerable than ordinary people ,because I was in a constant state of stress and was prone to loss of control over their actions under stress.

In 1981, Wanda shared an apartment with Dedroy Pettus (Dedra Pettus). June 29, 1981 there was a quarrel, and his girlfriend Wanda shot between neighbors. In his confession, Allen claimed that accidentally got in Pettus ,shooting from a distance of 30 feet (9 meters), but bruises and burns on the victim`s body showed that Wanda beat Dedru pistol and then shot at point blank range. Nevertheless, the prosecutor made a deal with Allen, and she received a total of four years in prison in exchange for recognition of the murder, and she has stayed for only two years. Seven years after the assassination Dedry Pettus, Wanda lived with his girlfriend Gloria Jean Liters. They met in prison and differed stormy relationship since both were prone to violence. December 2, 1988, Gloria was shot dead right in front of Police Department in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City).15 minutes before the incident, the two women were arguing loudly in the grocery store. Police held women back home and stayed there until Gloria gathered her things. Gloria and her mother are going to file a complaint against Wanda Allen. Gloria Barely out of the car, Allen shot her in the stomach. the victim `s mother witnessed the crime. Shot heard two policemen and manager, but none of the police department did not see the attack. Weapons from which shot Gloria, found near the house of the two women. December 5, 1988 Gloria Jean Liters died from his injuries.

The prosecutor showed Allen the charges of first degree murder and said he would seek the death penalty. Despite the fact that the protection provided numerous mitigating circumstances, the jury found Allen guilty, dangerous to society and sentenced to death. Mitigating circumstances are: a victim in 1979 stabbed a woman, for which he was imprisoned, and Allen said she was afraid of her ; plus its good relations with the family ,good behavior at work and mental dysfunction as a result of teenage injuries.

Wanda Allen held on death row for 12 years. The request for clemency was rejected by Allen. By country swept protests of human rights activists and opponents of the death penalty, but Gov. Frank Keating (Frank Keating) remained adamant. 11 January 2001 41 -year-old Wanda Allen was executed in the State of Oklahoma prison. She introduced a lethal injection. During execution through tinted glass watched 24 relative Dedry Pettus and Gloria Jean Liters. Before his death, Allen said, ` Father, forgive them, for they know not what they tvoryat`. Then she smiled and showed language lawyer Steve Presson (Steve Presson), who became her friend. At 21:21 she was found dead.

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Wanda Jean Allen picture
Wanda Jean Allen photo
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