Walter Veltroni

Picture of Walter Veltroni

Place of birth: Rome

Citizenship: Italy


In case of defeat in the elections of the mayor of Rome May 27 National Secretary of Democrats of the Left Party (former Communist) wanted "to leave Italy and go to Africa, to move the science." But do not see the black continent a scientist by the name of Walter Veltroni. He won. Candidate levotsentristskogobloka "Olive Tree" 5 percent beat an opponent from the right "House of Freedoms" Antonio Tayyani. He, press secretary at the media mogul Silvio Berlusconi, did not help that his patron won the recent parliamentary elections and now heads the government.

In the Eternal City until the morning did not stop festivities happy minded Veltroni. "Walter! Walter!" - Shouted the crowd in the square of Santi Apostoli, in the center of Rome. The joy of victory would have been even better if in the evening the players, "Roma" have managed to beat the "Milan", which is owned by Berlusconi. But tied.

Native Roman. Born in July 1955. The whole life and career are linked with the Italian Communist Party. In February 1991 ICP has been transformed into a party Democrats of the Left. At one time he led the main press organ - newspaper "Unita".

Married. He has two daughters.