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Rob a bank because of the longing for prison

Walter Anbehaun - 74-year-old American, a repeat offender, concluded with great experience, who recently got into many world news. So, instead of sitting quietly and carry on the will of his venerable old age, he, in the past, criminal and robber went back on offense. However, as it turned out later, the prison was not a punishment for the old man ,and this is what he sought - again get behind bars.

Anbehaun Walter (Walter Unbehaun) has never been a law-abiding citizen. His criminal life began at 23 years old. It is known that before he was expelled from school, and later Walter lived odd jobs - doing plumbing work. When he was 23 years old,put him over haul stolen car. Then there were several episodes burglaries. Over the years it became clear that Walter has firmly stood on the unjust way - its crimes became tougher. In 1970, he kidnapped a young girl, which, however, still found alive, though related, in a motel. Walter managed to escape, but not for long ,and he again landed in jail, which has already become for him almost home.

His next term Anbehaun received for bank robbery, and the freedom he left in 2011, at that time, Walter was already a man in his seventies. He was married three times, but his last wife died, and the home of the former prisoner has served the trailer, which he presented a sister.

Having lived in freedom, he bored - for many years the prison has really turned in its main house and the old man began to think, how would again put behind bars. Ironically, once one of the convictions Walter was just for escaping from prison, but, apparently, with the years he still has shifted values.

So,bored retiree developed his daring plan. One February day last year, he, leaning on a cane and with a pistol in his belt, went to the bank. Later at the trial turns out that Walter was talking with the cashier if not almost affectionately, when he showed her his gun and said : ` I do not want to cause you bol`. Dobychaego was $ 4178 ,with the money, he went to a nearby motel, where he settled down to wait for the police.

Of course, ` vychislili` robber quickly, and when police raided to arrest him, Walter sighed with relief : his plan worked !

Back in prison, Walter again felt as if at home. Later, he admitted ,I chose a bank robbery in the hope that a crime of this nature will provide him a place in jail for life. Alas - it is unfortunate mistake - the judge almost sentenced him to freedom.

As a result, the prosecution has asked for a criminal 7 years old, but was Walter Anbehaun only three and a half years. Needless to say that starik-robber felt greatly disappointed ? He hoped that a bank robbery so uniquely provide him a prison sentence up to the end of life, but, alas, turned out differently. The judge said that incarceration such as Walter, lies entirely on the shoulders of taxpayers, so do criminals such ` podarki` -It`s expensive. By the way, to punish him freedom of the court could not, too, because it actually would mean that US banks can be robbed with impunity.

Meanwhile, Walter felt during the process is not the best - in the last meeting he came even in a wheelchair.

Many who were present at this court ,it was awkward and painful to look at as a free man robs a bank to get behind bars. The absurdity of the situation simply leads to a deadlock. However, he believes Walter prison his trailer, while the actual torture chambers have long been a home for him.

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