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An American doctor, University of California professor who gained fame among the general North American public due to his numerous appearances on medical topics in newspapers, on radio and television.

Walter `s father, a native of Spain, Luis F.Alvarez (born Luis F. Alvarez;. 1853-1937), he was a famous American doctor involved, except medical, and also in research. 1878 he made his marriage to Clementine Schultz, the future mother of Walter. Sister Walter - known artist Mabel Alvarez (born Mabel Alvarez; 1891-1985.). Walter spent his childhood in Hawaii ,where the family moved and where his father worked as a government physician in the local leper colony.

Walter and his wife, Harriet Skidmore, nee Smith (. English Harriet Skidmore Smythe), had four children : Gladys, Louis (1911-1988, physicist, Nobel laureate) , Robert and Berenice (born Bernice Alvarez Brownson, p.. 1913 American author ,photographer and poetessa) . The grandson of Walter Clement Alvarez, son of Louis and Walter Alvarez (b. 1940), a well-known geologist, professor at the University of California.

Studies and scientific activity

After graduating in 1910, Stanford University, Alvarez began working practitioners. From 1913 until the end of 1925 he had a practice in SanFrancisco and he engaged in medical research in the University of California (Berkeley) . In 1934 he became a professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota. For a long time was a consultant to the Mayo Clinic (Eng. Mayo Clinic), specializing in the physiology and neurodegenerative disorders of the digestive system. Alvarez - author of several dozen books on medical subjects. He was awarded the medal Fraydenvalda American Gastroenterological Association (1951) .


Alvarez is deservedly considered the founder electrogastrography [ 8 ]. He was the first (in 1921-1922) spent elektrogastrograficheskie research and gave the name of the new method ("electrogastrogram"). Modern epigastric electrogastrography and is currently being done by the method of Alvarez : record gastrograficheskogo perform signal electrodes to be installed on skin in the abdominal wall of the patient ;measurements are in the range from about one to several oscillations per minute, and the deviations from the recorded signal frequency vibrations in three minute judged on the presence and type of motor disorders of the stomach.

Alvarez called the name

In honor of Walter Clement Alvarez named:" Alvarez`s syndrome " - a syndrome or hysterical neurotic inflating the abdomen without any clinical reasons and in the absence of excess gas in the digestive tract.

"Waves Alvarez " - painless uterine contractions that occur during the pregnancy.

" Memorial Prize Walter C. Alvarez "awarded for the best approaches and techniques for conveying health issues to a wider audience.

" Alvarez Award for electrogastrography " (eng. Alvarez Award of Electrogastrography), awarded for the best work in the field of electrogastrography conference " International elektrogastrograficheskogo society " (IEGGS)."The American family doctor "

C 1950 Alvarez began writing a medical column, which soon began to spread across North America in hundreds of daily and weekly newspapers. This and numerous appearances on radio and television, he became one of the most famous doctors in the United States and it became known as "The American family doctor. "

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