Waleed Ahmed

Picture of Waleed Ahmed

Age: 24

Place of birth: Skien

Citizenship: Norway

What caught

Waleed Ahmed (Waleed Ahmed) 22 years old, he came from the Norwegian city of Skien (Skien). Not long ago, a US court found him guilty of fraud in connection with the alleged organization in Scandinavia concert Justin Bieber. It turned out that Ahmed was able to convince some gullible investors to invest in a project of five concerts Bieber. Alas, in fact all of it was pure fiction - all the documents submitted by Walid Ahmed, were fake, and no concerts, as well as agreements with the managers of the pop idol he had not.

As a result, the businessman-swindler was in American justice, where he paid for his deception is very hard - 11 years in prison. It is known that the prosecution raised the figure to 9 years in prison, but the court decided to punish Ahmad harder and as a result he got 11 years.

However, the condemnation of the United States - is not the only reason for his fame. So, it turned out that in addition to the activities of the swindler, Walid led and inventive activity. In Norway, he is known as the inventor of the charger for a mobile phone that works on the solar battery. Then, in 2011, he said the minister of industry, and the company `Innovation Norway` called it a promising young designer and awarded a cash prize. Ahmed had even started to call `Norwegian Tsukerbergom`, but the glory of this quite soon dimmed. Thus, it became known that the idea of ??a solar battery charger belongs not Walid Ahmed, and another person. Once under Ahmed started digging, emerged and many other inconsistencies, such as contracts for the sale of non-existent device abroad. In absentia he was declared a fraud, at the same time to initiate an investigation.

And Walid accused of fraud by the insurance, so that the overall reputation of the innovator and the inventor of ``, `` Norwegian Zuckerberg was not just stained, but almost drowned.

Now Walid Ahmed will spend 11 years in an American prison, after which he was expecting a few more years of supervised.