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Year of birth : 1982

Age: 33 year

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyThis theatrical shock - rock band was formed in the early `80s in Los Angeles (USA). The name "W.A.S.P." - Is an abbreviation of "We Are Sexual Perverts" (" We - sexual perverts ") .

And indeed, at their concerts happening something outrageous : in the audience were flying pieces of raw meat ,and on the stage under the metallic roar of guitars whipping a naked woman tied to the " torture rack ". The group led by bassist and vocalist Blackie Lawless (b. September 4, 1956) also included guitarists Chris Holmes (b. 23 June 1961) and Randy Piper and drummer Tony Richards. "W.A.S.P." signed a contract with "Capitol Records",but the company declined to release their debut single "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)".

The single was later released on an independent label. The first LP "W.A.S.P." It had the usual metallic sound, typical of many medium-sized groups working in this genre.

W.A.S.P.Odnako "The Last Command" next disc ,recorded with new drummer Steve Riley (ex- "B`zz"), singled out "W.A.S.P." from the crowd, thanks to compositions like "Wild Child" and "Blind In Texas". The team became one of America`s leading live acts, although their shows were not as impressive as in the early days. The album "Inside The Electric Circus" in 1986,made in a similar vein, the debut of bassist Johnny Rod (ex- "King Kobra"), while Piper rhythm guitar was replaced by Lawless. "Live. .. In The Raw" was pretty decent live album, although it felt a lack of enthusiasm "Animal", which remained central chip repertoire "W.A.S.P.". In the disc recording "The Headless Children" Riley ,departed in "L.A. Guns", was replaced by Franky Banana from "Quiet riot".

Lawless had by then become an active fighter for the freedom of speech, why the album had a socio - political themes in particular was dedicated to the fight against drugs, which was supported by the bright vibrant group show.

W.A.S.P.Posle regular tour team left Holmesthe reason for that was his appearance in a drunken state in the film "The Decline And Fall Of Western Civilisation Part II: The Metal Years". On the recording of the album "The Crimson Idol", inspired by the work of "Who", Lawless invited session musicians, and went on tour in the company of Rod, Doug Blair (guitar) and STET Holland (drums) . After the release of the retrospective collection "First Blood. .. Last Cuts" Blakey solo career. The CD "Still Not Black Enough" became perhaps the most commercially successful album and the group included such hits as "Black Forever" and "Goodbye America". After that weakened collective career was marred by the release of a sluggish "W.A.S.P. " In 1995. His record was guitarist Bob Kulick, who also appeared on the sessions of " The Crimson Idol ".

The following releases are quickly forgotten "Kill, Fuck, Die" and "Double Live Assassins" were only a temporary reminder of the fact that the group still exists in nature.

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