Vytautas Graiciunas

Picture of Vytautas Graiciunas

Date of Birth: 08/17/1898

Age: 53

Place of birth: Chicago

Citizenship: Russia


Vytautas Graychyunas born August 17, 1898 in Chicago (Chicago, Illinois, USA), in a family of Lithuanian immigrants. His father was a physician and a freethinker, an active figure in the Lithuanian community in Chicago. As a child, Vytautas studied music and ballet, and later became a student at the University of Chicago (University of Chicago), where he studied management and trade. During the First World War Graychyunas, graduated from the Military Aviation School, a volunteer went to the front and served as a military pilot in France (France). Returning home in 1919, he became interested in business management issues and continued his studies at the Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Institute of Technology). In 1924 he married his cousin, actress Una Babitskayte (Un & # 279; Babickait & # 279;), who came to the United States for five years before. In 1927 he returned to Lithuania Vytautas (Lithuania), narodinu their parents, and found work in the factories of Kaunas (Kaunas). Soon, he began to travel and work throughout Europe (Europe).

Before 1935 Graychyunas worked as a consultant and helped to create a large company in Barcelona (Barcelona), Brussels (Brussels), Copenhagen (Copenhagen), London (London) and Milan (Milan). In 1933 he published at Geneva (Geneva) your research, entitled `Relationship to organizatsii`, which became a classic of management. Soon, other publications came out in the United States. It Graychyunas mathematically proved that the manager should not have more than 4-5 employees and came up with a special formula to express the total number of links between the leader and his subordinates.

In 1935 Graychyunas returned to Lithuania, where he worked as an engineer and management consultant in various private and public institutions, including the Ministry of Defence, Aviation Management, Lithuanian State Theatre, the Lithuanian production company and others. In addition, he has lectured at the University of Vytautas the Great (Vytautas Magnus University) and was awarded the Commander`s Cross Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas (Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas). During the Second World War Graychyunas decided to stay in Lithuania, despite the obvious threat to the state of joining the Soviet Union (Soviet Union). After the war he lived in Kaunas Graychyunas.

In 1951, during a visit to Moscow (Moscow) with a group of students Graychyunas visited the Embassy of the United States (United States), where he was informed that leave the Soviet Union can only he, as his wife, actress Una Babitskayte, has American citizenship. Shortly thereafter Graychyunas and his wife were arrested on charges of espionage and anti-Soviet activity, convicted and sentenced to several years in the camps. Vytautas Graychyunas died the following year, January 9, 1952, under mysterious circumstances, in the village of Olzheras Kemerovo region. It is still unknown whether it was a suicide, death from starvation or murder. After the death of Stalin (Joseph Stalin) his wife, exiled in the Kuibyshev region (Samara Oblast), whose sentence was reduced, he was able to return to Kaunas.

Currently there is a contest in Lithuania Vytautas Andrius Graychyunasa. The winners of the competition and the certificate holders, a gold medal and sculptural portrait Graychyunasa become business leaders who have achieved the most outstanding results, and academic experts in the field of management. Kaunas School of Management opened Vytautas Andrius Graychyunasa (VAGraiciunas School of Management).