Vyacheslav Volgyn

Picture of Vyacheslav Volgyn

Date of Birth: 06/02/1879

Age: 83

Citizenship: Russia


Educated at the University of Moscow (1908). Since the late 1890`s. He took part in the revolutionary movement. Repeatedly arrested. Since 1906 he has published articles on the history of socialist thought pre-Marxian period, as well as on the development of public opinion in France in the XVIII century. In collaborated to publish Gorky "Annals" during the 1st World War. In 1918 he participated in the creation of the Socialist (later - Communist) Academy. In 1919-30 Professor of the Moscow State University, in 1919 - 1929 Member of the State Council of the scientist. In 1920 joined the RKP (b). In 1921 - 1922 Deputy. prev. Main Committee of vocational education in 1921-23 before. Council on Higher Education of People`s Commissariat of Education. In 1921--25 the rector of Moscow State University. In 1930-35 permanent secretary in 1942-53 Vice-President of the USSR. One of the founders of the Institute of History of the Russian association of research institutes of social sciences and the Communist Academy and the Society of Marxist historians. Since 1930 he c constantly led the Soviet delegation at international scientific congresses. In 1947-51 member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In 1949-50 a member of the Peace Committee Mezhd.unarodnogo. B. created a new subject "history of socialist doctrines," which became compulsory for study in liberal arts colleges. In 1961 he received the Lenin Prize.