Vseslav Bryatchislavich

Picture of Vseslav Bryatchislavich

Age: 72

Citizenship: Russia


Source of information: "The rulers of Russia" Valentine Valkova, Olga Valkova with. 32-33

Father - Bryacheslav Izyaslavich, Prince of Polotsk; grandson Izyaslav I Vladimirovich, the eldest son of Grand Duke Vladimir.

Mother - is unknown.

After the death of his father in 1044 Vseslav Bryacheslavich inherited the independent principality of Polotsk. But I would not be satisfied with this, considering himself the legitimate heir of Grand Duke Vladimir, and therefore, the principality of Kiev.

In 1067 he went on a campaign against Novgorod, and succeeded thoroughly sacked the great city, not sparing even the Church of St.. Sofia.

Izyaslav I Yaroslavich, who was then the Grand Prince of Kiev, could not forgive such arbitrariness. At sosvoim Svyatoslav brothers and Vyacheslav Grand Duke spoke against Vseslav winter 1067. Despite the bitter cold, Yaroslaviches besieged and took Minsk (one of the cities of the Principality of Polotsk). The city was looted, men were killed, and women and children are given captive prince`s soldiers. The battle between Vseslav and Yaroslaviches occurred on the banks of the Niemen; Vseslav was defeated. He agreed to peace talks, and believed the word Izyaslav that is safe, went into the tent of the Grand Duke. In this tent, he was arrested along with his two sons. On the orders of Izyaslav all three of them were sent to a prison in Kiev.

In 1068, in Kiev, he raised a revolt caused by the defeat that the Grand Duke troops suffered on the river Alta (Cumans defeated the combined armies of Yaroslav brothers). During the rebellion Kiev released from prison Vseslav and proclaimed him their prince.

Grand Duke Izyaslav fled to Poland.

But Vseslav reign as Grand Duke of Kiev did not last long (seven months) and observed nothing remarkable.

Seven months later, in 1069 Izyaslav returned from Poland, accompanied by Polish troops. When Izyaslav troops reached Belgorod Vseslav finally decided to go out to meet them, but when he saw the enemy firsthand, frightened and secretly, at night, ran to his Polotsk, leaving Kyiv residents to fend for themselves.

Returning currently Kiev throne Izyaslav I Yaroslavich first of all decided to take revenge Vseslav: Polotsk took by storm and gave it to the reign of his son Mstislav, and after his death - his other son - Svyatopolk. Vseslav meanwhile besieged Novgorod. Novgorod, and this time managed to fight back and it could take Vseslav prisoner, but as the chronicler says. (... Quoted from: Karamzin NM op T. 2. S. 46.) This rather pointless war between two princes continued for some time; Vseslav eventually managed to regain Polotsk.

Since then, he lived peacefully enough and was quite pleased with the reclaimed independence.

Prince Vseslav Polotsk died in 1101 and is buried there.

Children: Boris, Roman, Gleb.