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Year of birth : 2010

Age : 5 years

Place of Birth : New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Citizenship : United States

Psychedelic Spaghetti Western

They say that for any musician to find his own style - the most difficult task : one, pootbivav thresholds, come to the rock ,others - to pop music. But, to the group `Vox and the Hound`, their music search ended very suddenly, not only for fans of indie rock, but as musicians laugh, and for themselves. Suddenly, because the band plays in the style of spaghetti western psychedelic indie rock. Though it looks too cumbersome and even where some far-fetched ,song groups say the exact opposite : sad ballads from the American south of unrequited love and other misfortunes - all to the accompaniment of guitars, drums and a few groups unshaven hipsters of Louisiana.

`Vox and the Hound` - American indie rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana (New Orleans, Louisiana),founded to participate in a local music festival in 2010, the year.

Group `Vox and the Hound` was founded DeHesusom Leo (Leo DeJesus) in 2010 year to participate in the festival ` NOIR Collective`s 2010 Foburg Fest`. However, playing a number of guys not found a handful of bored onlookers, and converts the face of hundreds of viewers who want more and more.Thus began a group that today if they do not become one of the most popular indie rock group the US (United States), it has every chance to get into this list later.

Bass guitarist became Andrew Jarman (Andrew Jarman); second vocalist and trumpet - Daniel Ray (Daniel Ray), nicknamed `D-Ry`; drummer - Eric Rogers (Eric Rogers),and the role of the third vocalist and second guitarist took over Kolleys Rory (Rory Callais).

Speaking in small clubs, the boys quickly gained popularity in the south because of its sound, which is located at the junction of indie rock, folk and western. Despite the fact that the band has always tried to spread the new entries to the Internet,Especially popular are their live performances, which sometimes turn into a show, and sometimes - in a friendly meeting with the fans.

In 2011, the band released their first mini-album `Hermosa`, and soon after its release again in the studio working on the record ` Courage`. Like any other young musicians ,`Vox and the Hound` struggle to find the money to record an album. Interesting ideyaprishla them in the head during the recording of the album `Courage`: ask fans to help them in the record, and as a gift to send to each participant a copy of the album on vinyl campaign. The offer was so pleased fans of their music ,that the money collected almost twice exceeded the expectations of musicians. On the day of the premiere of the album all the seats in the club were bought for a few day

To date, the band is working on new material, the band wrote new songs and give live performances. Despite the interesting sound and style ,group still can not compete with the favorites of the indie -rock scene. But musicians do not worry about it : ` We are gathered for a presentation, and already playing its fourth year - is not a reason to smile and be happy ` ?.

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