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HELLO FROM Nobel Ivanov

Scandals surrounding the world`s most prestigious scientific awards are played often. But in this case it is wrong and Raymond Damadyan.

The method of magnetic resonance imaging scanner and the first came up with Lieutenant Soviet Army 24-year-old Vladislav Ivanov, 13 years before the Americans.

Outraged physicist published at his own expense in the leading newspapers great articles that encourages Nobel Prize winners 2003 Medicine and Physiology to correct injustice and to share with him his reward, because he was the first in the world has created a magnetic resonance imaging and has a patent on the method itself. As is known, the prize this year was awarded to American Paul Lauterbur and Briton Peter Mansfield for the invention of the method of magnetic resonance imaging ( "Izvestia" wrote in detail about the method of MRI October 11 this year, "Magnetic resonance even see the movement of thought").

However, Mr. Damadyan unnecessarily hot. Principles of magnetic resonance images of the human body long before it developed Lieutenant Vladislav Ivanov of the Soviet Army. Now, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Vladislav Ivanov, head of the department of measurement technology and computed tomography of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (SPbGITMO). He gave the "News" exclusive interview.

- How did you have the idea to use nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to the study of the human body?

- 45 years ago I served on a rocket at the town of Suchan in the Primorsky Territory. He was engaged in navigation flying objects, based on the magnetic field of the Earth. We had a device in which used nuclear magnetic resonance in the water. Then the phenomenon was already known, but in medicine and biology has not yet been applied. I thought, man, too, is vosnovnom from the water, then this method can be applied to the study of the body.

- Where you came up with this idea?

- I express their thoughts in the form of four patent applications. In the first of them - "Free-proton precession microscope" - I wanted to get a patent. But in Moscow I came to answer that, if I patent holder, would have to pay more taxes on a monthly basis, it was simply impossible. He sent three applications to the State Committee for Inventions.

- The greatest interest is the second of the claims Vladislav Alexandrovich "method study of the internal structure of material bodies" for the number 659411/26, registered in the USSR State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries March 21, 1960 - Pro-rector complements SPbGITMO Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Yuri Kolesnikov. - The principles of the method it is shown a diagram of the device have been formulated, which is now called magnetic resonance imaging.

At the same time Ivanov made two applications for the opening: number 673 786 from July 18, 1960 "The device for determining the blood speed" based on NMR, and the number 673 875, dated 27 July of the same year "method of determining the velocity of liquids, gases and some moving masses based on the shift of the free precession frequencies of the nuclei. " Direct relationship to what they had magnetic resonance imaging, but could be used in the images of the local pulse, digestion, dissolving drugs, diffusion processes, etc.

- My application is reviewed at two institutes physical profile here in Leningrad - continues Vladislav. - Some of the reviewers are alive and still teach, students are now explain the principles of MRI.

- And what did they say to you then?

- Applications have been rejected as unfeasible. One big fizikmenya simply ridiculed, said that you need a computer for her incredible size. And by the way, soon, experiments were conducted, confirming my discovery - received NMR signals from biological objects, it seems, apples and potatoes.

In 1973, Paul Lauterbur - one of the two new winners - recorded and shared the MR signals from the two small samples of water which are in test tubes with a diameter of 1 mm, essentially implementing the scheme Ivanov. In 1976, none other than Raymond Damadyan method of magnetic focusing an image received a live mouse.

- After the publication of these data, I wrote a letter to the State Committee of inventions and discoveries, and I, in accordance with the detected in the archives of the description of the application number 659411/26 has been issued copyright certificate number 1112266 preserving the priority date of the application, namely 21 March 1960.

- And if you have publications abroad, links to your priority in the work of followers?

- Published abroad for us, war was impossible. But in the West know me. The directories "Who is who" my name is regularly indicated to decipher "the inventor of magnetic resonance imaging." And in the "500 prominent people of the world", edited by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke is mentioned among the five prominent figures from Russia - close to the physicist Vitaly Ginzburg, some detective Interpol, as well as the directors of the Moscow Conservatory and the Sukhumi monkey nursery (laughs).

After Khrushchev`s reduction of the Armed Forces, he was discharged, he went to Leningrad, studied science. He participated in the creation of autopilot for the first satellite designed nozzles for rockets, created two public standard - the angular velocity and acceleration. The last 20 years of teaching at SPbGITMO, has trained more than 30 candidates and doctors of sciences. For many years engaged in inventions and received more than 150 patents. The biggest reward for the invention was in the amount of 500 rubles.

- Ingenuity has always been this ordeal, so you humiliated that I lost interest in this matter, - said Ivanov.

- What is your latest invention was dedicated?

- I invented the "moving pictures" for the metro. When driving electric specifically drawn on the walls of the tunnel image can "revive", turned into a short film.

- Maybe for your idea seized advertisers or designers?

- No, she too remained unsold ...

In recent years, Ivanov gave himself up to his second passion. He writes poems, publishes collections, became a member of the Union of Writers of Russia. His only son Dmitry technique is not interested in it - and composer now living in Spain. Scandals not received the Nobel Prize as an American Damadyan, Vladislav did not. Colleagues say his man too soft, and the students love: he never puts two.


The phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is based on the response of the nuclei of the atoms that make up any, including live, matter, a strong electromagnetic interference. Differences in the response failed to provide a "picture", which clearly shows the structure of the internal organs.

Medical magnetic resonance scanners - devices that allow to diagnose pathological changes in any organ system and with high accuracy. In foreign medicine used since the early 80-ies of XX century. In the USSR, the first MR scanner appeared, according to some sources, in 1985 - in the Central Clinical Hospital ( "Kremlevka"). Today at the disposal of Russian doctors dozens of these devices.