Vladislav Iv Vaza

Picture of Vladislav Iv Vaza

Date of Birth: 09/06/1595

Age: 52

Citizenship: Poland


Rhode. in 1595. More in 1605 arrived in Krakow messenger False Dmitry I. BEZOBRAZOV to a secret meeting with Sigismund said about wanting EDT. nobles (especially the book. Golitsyn and Shuiskis) to get rid of the impostor, and to build on the Russian. throne, Prince Ladislas. Feb 4. 1610 Tushino camp leaders have signed an agreement with Sigismund to erect Vladislav Russia. throne. Bas. the terms of the agreement, finally signed carcasses. boyars and crown hetman S. Zolkiewski, were as follows: "Vladislav crowned king Patriarch and the Orthodox clergy; he is obliged to observe and honor the temples, icons and relics of the saints, and do not interfere in church administration, would not otymat the monasteries and churches of their estates and revenues; in Latinism no one seduce and Catholic and other churches do not build up; entry of the Jews in the state does not allow; old customs do not change; all the nobles and officials will be only one Russian; in all state affairs to consult the Boyar Duma and the County; King Sigismund immediately lift the siege of Smolensk and withdraw its troops to Poland; Sapieha deflect Theft [False Dmitry II]; Marina Mniszek return home and continue to Moscow Empress not be called. " Smolensk to supply the king a petition for permission to be baptized by Vladislav Pravoslav. custom we had to go "big" ambassadors. Conclusion of the agreement took place midway between Moscow and Polish. encamped near Smolensk. After the oath of boyars and Zolkiewski in compliance with terms of the contract on the same day (17 August) swore allegiance to Vladislav 10 thousand. People. The next day, the oath continued in moscow. Assumption Cathedral in the presence of Patriarch Hermogenes. It also profits from Smolensk and Russian. men of Tushino, led by Mikhail Saltykov, Prince. B. Mosalsk-scarring and M. Molchanov, krye gracious thanks recall them Sigismund, "Pocha prezh serve the king of all ... they are not the same Patriarch blagoslovlyashe and began to say to them:" Will you come to the catholic apostolic church of righteousness, and not with flattery, and will be at your intent is not a violation of Orthodox early Christian faith, it will be for you the blessing of all the ecumenical Councils and moe sinful blessing, but will you come with flattery and the violation will be your intent Orthodox early Christian true faith, then do not wake you the grace of God and the Blessed Virgin and the Butte cursed from all the ecumenical Councils. " Yakozhe tacos and zbystsya his word. The same lord Michael Saltykov with flattery and tears glagolashe patriarch that he would direct the true sovereign. He blessed them cross. " However, when the blessing came Molchanov (Boris Godunov family killer), the Hermogenes indignant "and led him out of IP church embossed bezchestne". Soon after this Zaporozhye. Cossacks together with the Lithuanians and the Poles began to reach Seversk. Cities - Starodub, Pochep, Chernigov, Novgorod-Seversky, Mosalsk and White, forcing residents to swear Pol. the prince. However, the residents, especially Starodub and Pochep, had a fierce resistance to the invaders and set fire to their own city, throwing into the fire not only their belongings but also themselves rushed there and killed thousands. This frustration is due to the cruelty with which the Cossacks (Orthodox) and zholn