Vladimir Zvegintsev

Picture of Vladimir Zvegintsev

Date of Birth: 10/31/1910

Age: 77

Place of birth: Tashkent

Citizenship: Russia


Zvegintsev, Vladimir Andreyevich (1910-1988), a Russian linguist. Born in Tashkent on 18 (31, New Style), in October 1910. He graduated from the Central Asian State University. In 1930-1940 years he worked in the Central Asian State University and the Tashkent Institute of Foreign Languages. Member of the Great Patriotic War. From 1950 he worked at the Moscow State University. Doctor of philological sciences, professor. Zvegintsev died in Moscow on April 13, 1988.

Organizer and first head (1961-1982) of the Department of Structural and Applied (1988 - theoretical and applied) linguistics of the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University. This chair, together with the relevant department of the Faculty became the nation`s leading center for training specialists in theoretical linguistics; based on programs developed under the leadership of Zvegintseva, educated many now actively operating linguists; he taught at the department of history and theory of linguistics and supervised graduate students. Author of books Semasiology (1957; in fact the first Russian book on theoretical semantics); Language and Linguistic Theory (1973); The proposal and its relation to language and speech (1976), and others.

Zvegintsev was metateoretikom, the main focus of his interest was not so much the language itself as the science of language, its history, current status and possible ways of development. His creative heritage is particularly important work on the history of linguistics. In 1950, 1960 years of the three editions of them stood compiled anthology Linguistics History XIX and XX centuries in the essays and extracts, it is still the most representative collection of the most important in Russian language texts.

Since the late 1950s, the critical role played Zvegintseva efforts to educate local scientists with the trend of world science of language - from the emergence generativizma to formation of cognitive linguistics in the 1980s. Zvegintsev founded the series "New in linguistics" (later "New in foreign linguistics", from 1960 - 25 issues; partially reprinted in 1999), the originator and editor of its first releases, as well as the importance of the tenth issue devoted to linguistic semantics, the author prefaces to many translations of works by foreign linguists.

In the posthumously published book Thoughts of Linguistics (1996) considered the development of the world 3vegintsev linguistic science, emphasizing the need to explain the approach to language and language learning in the complex, taking into account the role of speaker and listener. The book explores the relationship of language and knowledge and the role of linguistics in the modern scientific and technical (informational, telecommunication) revolution - a problem that is very interested in the scientist in the last years of his life and to which he was trying to attract the attention of other scientists in their papers since the late 1970s ies.