Vladimir Voytinskiy

Picture of Vladimir Voytinskiy

Date of Birth: 11/12/1885

Age: 74

Citizenship: Russia


The son of a teacher of mathematics real uch-conductive. In 1904 he joined the Legal. Faculty of the St. Petersburg. Univ. From an early age showed Mat. capacity; I wrote a paper "The market and price theory of consumption and market prices" (recommended by MI Tugan-Baranovsky and published with his preface in 1906.). From 1905 he was a member. RSDLP, Bolshevik. Member of the Revolution of 1905-1907 (in St. Petersburg and Ekaterinoslav). In 1908 he was arrested, and in 1909 was sentenced to prison. Since 1912 in exile in Irkut. lips., where he became friends with the Mensheviks, especially IG Tsereteli. During the 1 st world. War began to move away from Bolshevism (Leninists accused in the "defeatism", the policy of splitting the Social-Democratic movement).

After the February Revolution of 1917, from March 20 - in St. Petersburg. March 29 issued a supplementary report on the All-Russia. (March) meeting of the party. workers on the attitude to the Provisional. pr-woo: "Being at the root of his counterrevolutionary .... it is nevertheless for his revolutionary activities ... All the sympathy of the parties that formed the Provisional pr-in, were not directed towards participation in the Revolution of, and to counter it. ... Provisional. pr-in received power from the hands of the people. the Council RSD could not recognize him, and it would not be. Why the counter. forces operate Revolution of thing? Why roar. democracy did not take power in their hands, and handed it to the hands of a moderately-liberal bourgeoisie .. when there was the possibility of implementing the dictatorship of democracy, then take power into their own hands - meant to destroy the bourgeois-Dem roar-tion proletariat would not cope with anarchy ... to take the power into the hands of the socialists was.. ... They can not be carried out, hating us, without hiding it, our roar. ... because of this program ext. contradictions should be monitored by the FH Council. As long as this control is, it will carry out the program ... Milyukov with a list of Ministers has gone beyond approval to KMG Board; resignation threat was also addressed to the Council of Dagestan, ie the Council RD accessed so what in konstituts.-monarhich. countries are turning to the monarch ... Take the whole power into their own hands is impossible at the Burj. build ... our task - org-tion forces, preparing for the transition of power in our hands ... "(" Questions of Party History ", 1962,