Vladimir Vorobiev

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Date of Birth: 06/28/1876

Age: 61

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Russia

Who embalmed body of Lenin?

In 1903 he graduated from the Medical Faculty of Kharkov University. In 1908 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the innervation of human tendons. Since 1910, he assistant professor of Kharkov University, and at the same time head of the department of anatomy of the female Kharkov Medical Institute. In 1913, VP Vorobyov appointed professor of Tartu and the University of Warsaw, but Education Minister L. Kasso not approved it in these positions. From 1917 to 1937 - head of the Department of Kharkov University anatomy.

Died VP Vorobyov October 31, 1937 in Kharkov. His body, he bequeathed to the local medical institute, where the urn with his ashes and stored. During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) she even visited the evacuation. Only in 2005, a scientist ashes buried at the site reinterments 13th cemetery in Kharkov.

The scientific activity

Investigated mainly the anatomy of the nervous system. One of the first to develop the functional anatomy, discovered new laws of structural organization of the nervous system. The suggested method for in vivo monitoring via electrodes sewn. He developed the doctrine of the integrity of the body, on the impact of functions and work on morphogenesis (formation of organs). For the first time identified the importance of the border macro-microscopic field of vision and razrabotalmetody her studies. Developed stereomorfologicheskie methods of preparation. In 1924, together with the BI Zbarskii developed a method of embalming dead bodies. He participated in the embalming of the body V. I.Lenina and GI Kotovsky. Organised in Kharkiv the first and the world`s only "human evolution museum" created an original "Atlas of Human Anatomy" (5 vols., 1938-42).


Prize. Lenin in 1927.

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