Vladimir Volskiy

Picture of Vladimir Volskiy

Date of Birth: 06/23/1877

Age: 60

Citizenship: Russia


Since 1911 in Moscow, he worked in "Nar. Bank". His work in cooperation for the implementation of SRs used in a cooperative environment, promoting SR ideology and create a legal cover martial roar. groups. Since 1914 "defeatist". In Tver, along with VA Ilyinsky published the newspaper "Tverskaya Leaf" (1915-17). Headed Tver organization AKP. He collaborated in the journal "Contemporary", "Modern World" and "Severyne Notes".

During the February Revolution of 1917 he took part in an armed uprising in Tver. In March, one of the organizers guburnskih Soviets RD and CD, she was a member of the Tver Interim Committee as a representative of the Council of Dagestan. Since April, deputy chairman of the Council of Workers `and Soldiers` Deputies, May Comrade Chairman of the Council of the Bureau of the CD. Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the AKP. The report on the 1st Congress of the CD Tver Province., Estimating Time. Prospect of a "do not meet the expectations of democracy" (. gas "Association" 1917, May 4), denied at the same time the possibility of immediate capture of the proletariat and the peasantry, the state power into their own hands, because of their lack of organization; He called "fight for their rights, taking into account the interests of others" (see .: "Report VK Volsky at the Morozov factory in May 1917", Tver, 1917; performance Volsky on 1st Tverskaya lips Congress workers and Soldiers` Deputies.. - "Association" 1917 26 May). Delegate 1-Russia Congress of CD (May), elected to the Executive Committee of the All-Russian Council of the CD.

Member 3rd (May - June), 4th (November - December) Party congresses and the 7th Council of the AKP (October); both congresses - a member of the Credentials Committee. In a speech at the 3rd congress of the AKP drew attention to the fact. that the prospect of "too behind the roar of independence. people." The first task of the Provisional. Prospect Island, thought Volsky, "is an account of what is being done by the people, to determine the direction of the action and giving those instructions, to- have planned this work into a coherent whole ... would create the bodies concerned with the interests of bunks., to the masses to-eye these masses would be treated with trust ... "on the question of war spoke" against any separate armistice of fraternization against demagogues, against disorganization, to-paradise, in part, is carried out in our midst ... "(Protocols 3rd Congress of the AKP. "Stenografich. report, P., 1917, pp. 88, 150-53). The accused Provisional. pr-in to-Roe," rather than to help the development of agriculture itself hindered its ... , lagging the publication of the laws relating to zem. relations. "Supporting the idea of ??a coalition, approved the continuation of social penetration policy representatives in local, and in the center, controls state-tion (report Volsky on 2nd Tverskaya lip cross Congress -.." Tver Sheet ", 1917 11 of June).

Sharply condemned the action of the Bolsheviks in Petrograd on 3-5 July. Having to Tver Province. Conference SDP message of July events and the creation of a new composition of Prospect Island, suggested that the conference approved a resolution on the governments, the crisis: "... Production of ... shall be responsible to the Council and as part of it should be increased the number of socialists. the principle of coalition slezet save-assume full power is only necessary if the bourgeois. representatives will not agree to the Revolution of the program and refuse to assume their share of the state. responsibility ... "(ibid, August 6.). In July, elected before. the provincial rural council. He played for the socialization of the land only on condition of RGM. Law "through the inaugural. Coll." (It Volsky on the 3rd sezdeKD lips -. "Tver Sheet", 1917 Sep 24,.). Excluding the possibility of Russia`s withdrawal from the war by a separate peace, called to fight for its end "on the basis of universal peace without conquest, without paying the winners for the military costs, with the recognition of the rights of peoples to arrange their lives ..." (ibid, 26 October.).

By the October Revolution, reacted negatively. Since early November, the Chairman of the Executive Bureau of the Provincial Council of the CD. Member of the 2nd All-Russian Congress of the CD (November - December). The AKP was very close to the center, has consistently advocated the unconditional implementation of all decisions made by the congresses of the party and its Central Committee. Condemned the separatist activities of the Left SRs. Member of the Constituent Assembly, he worked in the AKP faction bureau.

January 5, 1918 in Petrograd Bolsheviks declared a "counter-revolutionary" and was subject to immediate arrest. Since February, a member of the Peasant Committee of the Central Committee of the AKP. He took part in the 8 th Council of the AKP (May), proclaimed the "struggle for the restoration of Russia`s independence and the revival of its national and political unity on the basis of resolution of socio-political problems put forward by the February Revolution" ( "Business People" 1918, May 19). Party Central Committee dispatched him in the Volga region and the Urals to the org-tion of the uprising against the Owls. authorities. Wolski one of the first in June entered the Samara KT members Proc. Inaugural. Coll. (Komuch), to-ing, according to Volsky, led armament. fight "not only against the Communist Party, but also against the principle of Owls. power" ( "7-th All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of workers, cross., Cossack and Red Army. Affairs.". Stenografich. report, M., 1920, p. 68 ). Prev. Komuch presidium. Member State. meeting in Chelyabinsk (August.) and Ufim. state. meeting (September.). Prev. chlenovVseros Congress. Inaugural. Coll. (Sep -. Nov.). After the coup Kolchak arrested Nov. 19. In Ekaterinburg. Upon release, he went underground. Participated in the meeting of leaders Komuch on a rum was decided to terminate the armament. struggle and negotiations with Cr. Army (dec.).

Ufa delegation headed AKP, set in the course of negotiations in January - February 1919 agreement with the Bolsheviks. In August, one of the founders of the "people" (see .: Burevoi KS decay. Sat articles, M., 1923), a member of the editorial board then. "People" (Moscow, 1919-22). For an appeal to the Central Committee of the AKP with the requirement to support the Bolsheviks in the fight with General AI Denikin was expelled from the party in November. With the other members of the "people" was "SDP minority" (MoPDC) and entered the Central Organizing Bureau MoPDC. Stating at the 7th All-Russian Congress of Soviets (December) for recognition of the Sov. the power of the leading role in "attracting the entire mass of the working people to the new organization, to the restructuring of the whole world", he asked for freedom of activity of the "political parties that do not lead the fight against the Soviet power." Justifying the existence of "class dictatorship" and its body - the Cheka under "a fierce class struggle", he considered it necessary to provide the electoral rights of all workers (see .: "7-th All-Russian Congress of Soviets ....", With 68-71.).

In 1922 the decision of the NKVD Commission adm. expulsions signed for 3 years in prison. In 1925, the decision of Special Meeting of the Board of the OGPU sent to 3 years in the Kirov region. He was shot by sentence of a visiting session of the Supreme Court of the USSR for belonging to an "anti-Soviet terrorist organization." To be imple bilitation according to the Russian Law on Oct 18. 1991.