Vladimir Volkov

Picture of Vladimir Volkov

Date of Birth: 07/12/1936

Age: 75

Place of birth: Eagle

Citizenship: Russia


Father - Wolves Akim Nikiforovich (6 (19) in September 1887, Mr. Meeropol Sudzhansky County Kursk province - September 3, 1960, Orel) - RSFSR Honored teacher of mathematics. Mother - Volkov (Zhdanov) Valentine Nikandrovna 1 (14) November 1907, Tula - October 7, 1993, Moscow).


Secondary education in Orel. In 1944, he enrolled in the school number 26, and at the end it worked as a laboratory assistant at the school number 2. In 1957, he became a student of Biology and Soil Science, Moscow State University, a third year specialized in the Department of Microbiology. In 1959, for family reasons, she was forced to leave school. In 1960 he resumed training, but in the Moscow Historical-Archival Institute, from which he graduated with a degree in historical and archival. He was a disciple of the historian-medievalist Abramovna Faina Kogan-Bernstein (1899-1976). Without departing from the basic work in the 1965-1971 biennium. He studied at the Moscow Institute of Chemical Technology named after Mendeleev, where he received a second specialty chemical engineer-technologist.

Work Experience

In 1959, for several months worked as a senior technician at the Central Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy expeditions Bureau, participated in the expedition to the Far East. Since 1963, the election was on the Komsomol in the Pervomaisky district committee of the Komsomol; In 1964-1965. He served as deputy director of the vocational school