Vladimir Volkonskiy

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Citizenship: Russia


The representative of the ancient princely family, the grandson of the Decembrist, a large landowner Tambov Province. Born in St. Petersburg. He graduated from the Cadet Corps and the Tver Cavalry School, served in the Life Guards Dragoons. In 1889 he retired and settled in his estate in Shatsky have. Tambov Province. Since 1894 the district and provincial zemstvo councilors, from 1897 Shatsky district marshal of the nobility. Honorary Magistrate, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of a girls` school. Honorary citizen of Shatsk.

He keeps in touch with Moscow Slavophile circles, in April. 1905 member of the Union of Russian People (STG), was also a member of the Patriotic Union in 1905, then became a member of the Union of Russian People (SRN). In 1907 he was elected to the State. Duma III convocation of the Tambov province. and joined it to the first fraction of the moderate Rights, after the formation of the nationalist faction entered into its composition. Elected comrade. Chairman of the Duma III, found great energy, the ability to quickly end the debate quickly conduct the voting. In 1912 he was elected from the Tambov province. in the State. Duma IV convocation, which has declared itself non-partisan, and the right was selected senior comrade. Chairman of the Duma. The right-wing has repeatedly criticized the book. Volkonsky for compliance liberals. So, Astrakhan People`s Monarchist Party in the district. 1910 decided to put on a kind of "member of the Union of Russian People Prince Volkonsky it unacceptable for the conduct of a member of the Union in the exclusion from the Duma on 15 Markov meeting 2nd".

In July 1915 appointed Comrade. Minister of Internal Affairs, served as ministers at the AN Khvostov, BV Sturmer and AD Protopopov. Many of the rules were skeptical of this appointment. GA Shechkov in a letter said that "Prince Volkonsky - is zero. The police no longer promises to provide the benefits to the state, which are just now from her circumstances require. " No less sharply expressed NN Tikhanovich-Sawicki, kotoryyv telegram Sovereign 9 September. 1915 wrote that "needs a strong interior minister, who would not hand knit governors and did not drop the prestige of local authorities" and "Shcherbatov ministers, Volkonsky, Ignatiev to the present time are completely unsuitable." In December. 1916 resigned in protest against the policy pursued by the Minister of AD Protopopov. In January. 1917 he was elected leader of the nobility of Petrograd.

After 1917 he emigrated. I lived in Finland. In June 1918, together with AF Trepov, he led. Vol. Kirill took part in the negotiations with the representatives of the German command to harmonize the timing attack on Petrograd. In the fall of 1918 he was part of the "Special Committee for Russian refugees in Finland", created by Trepov, was then deputy A. Kartasheva - Chairman of the Special Committee created for the organization of the civil under the military command of the north-west. He was reputed to be a supporter of pro-German orientation, gen. NN Yudenich headed the right group of politicians. Supporter recognition of the independence of Finland, but opposed the independence of Estonia, participated in the negotiations with the Estonian representatives on the organization of the north-western front against the Bolsheviks, in March 1919, VA Maklakov wrote to Paris: "Estonians hinder us in everything necessary for their tyuknut head to sit still and be given the opportunity to form. " After the failure of the offensive Yudenich moved to Germany in 1921 participated in the Reyhengallskogo Congress (Congress of Russian Economic recovery in Reyhengall (Bayern) On May 29 - June 4, 1921), he was elected as one of the assistants to the chairman of the Congress. Soon, however, he said he did not agree with the resolution "Special Meeting" in Paris, as well as the tactics and techniques of the Supreme Monarchist Council. Further information about his political activities are not available.