Vladimir Vetrov

Picture of Vladimir Vetrov

Date of Birth: 10/19/1932

Age: 52

Citizenship: Russia


Winds first visit to France in 1965 to work on the "T Line" (Scientific and Technical Intelligence) under the "roof" of the engineer of the Soviet trade mission. Winds made contact with Jacques Prevost, the responsible officer of the company "Thomson CSF", manufactured electronic equipment, including military, and asked him to have a little favor - tell us about new technical developments for possible purchases.

But Prevost collaborated with the French DST counterintelligence. And now the object of study of recruitment itself becomes Winds. And once even introduced a suitable case. Pretty drunk, broke the official car of the Winds. Wanting to avoid unpleasant proceedings at the embassy, ??he ran to his friend and persuaded to help with car repairs. French one did not refuse, but immediately notified counterintelligence, now that Vetrov is, from their chtoskryvat. But to use the situation for their own ends counterintelligence did not have time - in Vetrov came to an end trip.

In 1974 he was promoted to the Winds in the Soviet trade delegation in Montreal, but a year later was recalled to the Soviet Union with the accent on the party line.

Winds although he was removed from operative work, was on site with access to important information - in the management of the "T" of the KGB, is engaged in the analysis of scientific and technical information coming iz-za abroad.

Spring of 1981, Soviet officer has decided to recall the old French friend. A letter with a proposal to transfer secret information delivered Jacques Prevost from Moscow Frenchman Alexander de Paul, whom the Winds met in Moscow "Expocentre", was transferred to the DST.

In 1981-82 winds that DST was awarded the nickname