Vladimir Kenigson

Picture of Vladimir Kenigson

Date of Birth: 07/11/1907

Age: 79

Place of birth: Simferopol

Citizenship: Russia


Kenigson Vladimir Vladimirovich was born on October 25 (November 7), 1907 in Simferopol. He graduated from the school at Simferopol Drama Theater (1925) and was admitted to his troupe. I played on the periphery - in Kuibyshev, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities. Among the notable roles Kenigson this period - Uriel Acosta in the drama K.Gutskova Ferdinand in Intrigue and Love Friedrich Schiller, Protasov in Tolstoy Living Corpse, Sverdlov in the Bolshevik D.Delya.

In 1940-1949 he worked in Kenigson Chamber Theater under the direction of A.Ya.Tairova. Played Neznamova (Guilty Without Guilt by Ostrovsky), Kuslana (Life in the Citadel A.Yakobsona) Bragin (O comrades and friends V.Massa M.Chervinskogo), Vilho (Wind from the south and E.Grina V.Filippova) Piquet (Lev Ehrenburg on the square), Misha (Raskinulos widely A.Korneychuka).

Since 1949 Kenigson - actor of the Maly Theater. In the history of the Maly Theater includes such his role as Unknown (Lermontov Masquerade) Krechinsky (Wedding Krechinsky A.Suhovo-Kobylin), Kuchumov (Mad Money Ostrovsky), Judas (Golovlevs Saltykov-Shchedrin), Peter (The Power of darkness Tolstoy), Stein (vanity Fair U.Tekkereya) Pasqualino (Christmas in the house of Signor Kupello E.De Filippo), Cipla (Optimistic tragedy V.Vishnevskogo), Tanaka (Port Arthur I.Popova and A. Stepanova), Chicherin (Recognition S.Dangulova), Kem (Fake coin Gorky), Ditzmann and Eduard Abramovich (Beach and Choice Yu.Bondareva).

Kenigson participated in the Moscow Theatre play them. Lenin Komsomol S.Vurgun sun rises, playing the role of Stalin.

As a director staged a stir M. Night-Zh.Sovazhona.

Top features of creativity Kenigson embodied in a number of his cinematographic works that brought the artist fame and recognition of a wide audience: The Fall of Berlin, the first to sign, employee of Cheka, emergency instructions, explosion after midnight, two tickets for the daytime session and others.

Winner of the Stalin Prize (1950). People`s Artist of the USSR (1982). In 1974 he was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor. Award for the role of Jaroslav Prus (The Makropulos K.Chapeka) at the festival of dramatic and musical works of Czechoslovak authors (1973). Winner of the III Festival of Dramatic Art of Czechoslovakia in the USSR (1983) - a role in the play Bedyara Immature raspberry I.Gubacha.

Kenigson died in Moscow on 17 November 1986.