Vladimir Golyshev

Picture of Vladimir Golyshev

Date of Birth: 12/13/1971

Age: 44

Citizenship: Russia


Born in Sochi, December 13, 1971, Russian.

He graduated from the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (which he entered in 1988) and St. Tikhon Theological Institute.

From 1998 to 2000. - Deputy. executive secretary of "Zavtra" newspaper (in charge of a number of topics, actively published).

He took part in the election campaigns of 1999-2000.

He participated in the activities of the Public Movement "For the right to live without VAT."

In 1998 "I came to [Alexander] Dugin, an ardent admirer who was then a few years helped him in all publishing matters -. Edit layouts did typeset".

He was a member of Dugin`s movement "Eurasia". Managed by the newspaper "Eurasian Review" (he was the only member of the editorial board).

He participated in the activities of the club "New Right" Alexei Chadaeva.

In 2002-2005 he worked (with a break in 2003) in the Effective Policy Fund "(FEP) Gleb Pavlovsky (including the project of the President`s Administration, was the editor of the daily morning product for AP), collaborated with the website" Kreml.Org "; by A.Chadaeva proposal was published in the network "Russian Journal", published simultaneously online APN Stanislav Belkovsky (of himself this time, "big" watchdog "than I, since the autumn of 2002 and spring of 2005 in nature. did not exist. I have written mountains of different pro-Putin materials (half of them has been published by Apne). at the time, take such a pozitsiyubylo like death. then they were all "arhioppozitsionerami" (from Egor Stanislavycha [Kolmogorov] to Chadaeva). I am his "pro-Putin past "is not something that I do not hide, I consider this stage of his biography is extremely important and valuable.").

In 2003, he resigned from the FEP and spent some time working on the site "Nyusinfo.ru" ( "... went for a penny to spin online resource associated with the noble" siloviki "... idiot ...".).

Then there was the Deputy General Director of the PR-agency "Sotsiomaster" and gl.redaktorom YuFO.Ru portal, which made with "Sotsiomasterom".

Since 2003 - a member of the Conservative Press Club (co-chairs - E.Holmogorov and Mikhail Remizov,. CEO - Mikhail Golovanov).

In 2004 he returned to the PEC, where he worked until the autumn of 2005

C summer of 2005 - a new period of opposition. He believes that Putin`s course - a "policy of transformation of our highly developed European country to Nigeria").

Since April 2006 - Member of the Coordinating Council of the League of conservative journalism (LKZH; CC chairman - Dmitry Volodikhin).

A member of the Agency of Political News (APN) and the National Strategy Institute (INS; M.Remizov President, Founder - St.Belkovsky).

Since 2005, it published mainly in APN.ru.

Since the summer of 2006 - Chief, the editor of the website "NaZlobu" (APN.ru project).

June 25, 2007 signed the "Manifesto of the National Russian Liberation Movement (PEOPLE) Sergei Gulyaev, entered the political council of the People`s Movement.