Vladimir Golubev

Picture of Vladimir Golubev

Date of Birth: 08/28/1891

Age: 23

Citizenship: Russia


The son of a prominent Russian church historian Stepan Timofeyevich Golubev - prof. Kiev Theological Academy, professor extraordinary. Kiev St. Univ. Vladimir, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the department of Russian language and literature (1908), honorary member of the Petrograd YES. Finished 1 st Kiev Gymnasium (1910) and entered the law faculty of St. Univ. Vladimir. In 1909, Golubev, along with students Univ Peter Vihrova, Peter Dekonsky, Nicholas Mandrovskim, Nikolai Mikhailov, Nikolai Petrov, Leonid Kilchevsky, Nicholas Shibaeva, Nicholas Chokolovym and students of the Kiev Polytechnical Institute of the Emperor Alexander II, Peter Svirgunovym and Igor Sikorsky became the founder of the Kiev department of the All-Russian national student Union. At the beginning of 1907 in Kiev was officially registered statute Kiev Patriotic Society "double eagle" youth, of which he had entered. In 1912 the Company changed its management: the chairman was elected Fr. FN Sinkevich, and became secretary of Golubev. Their entry in the "Double Eagle", and before that they had participated in the activities of the Union of Russian People (SRN), contributed to the fact that society has become, perhaps, the most active Black-Hundred organization in Kiev.

The investigation of the ritual murder of Andryusha Yushchinsky, a series of provocative anti-Russian statements, lack of certainty in the police action prompted the members of society to join in a public inquiry into the circumstances of this villainous crime. April 20, 1912 in the hall of the Noble Assembly held a solemn meeting devoted to the memory of St. Martyr Gabriel of Bialystok baby and all "by the Jews martyred" in which Golubev said the criminal inactivity of police officials in the investigation of the murder Yushchinsky. The newspaper "Double Eagle", one after another out of his article, which was highly critical of the action of the Kiev police chief, who "most energetically forbade the representatives of the Orthodox press to write that it Yushchinsky - ritual murder." "The Jews, of course, did everything in their power to wipe this blatant case. The cash is available and bribery of police authorities, "mysterious" death of many witnesses and no less mysterious fire Jew Zaitsev plant, where there was a ritual murder ... vdannom Yushchinsky ritual murder case set the preliminary investigation data, such as forensic autopsy of the corpse of the martyred boy expertise of world-renowned psychiatrist Professor. IA Sikorsky, "- he wrote in one of his articles. April 28, 1912 Golubev was received by the Minister of Internal Affairs AA Makarov for the application of the "administrative review and termination of police, aimed to please the Jews." As an official witness at the trial he acted Bayliss, being absolutely convinced that the murder case Yushchinsky - business, no doubt, "Jew." During the investigation of the crime on the side of the Jews went right largest newspaper "Kievlyanin" and its chief editor VV Shulgin. After the betrayal of the cause of monarchical "from Kiev", Golubev began working in the newspaper "Kiev", which became the principal organ of the Right.

Public-spirited youth, headed by Golubev responsive to the slightest infringement of the rights of the Russian people, insults their national dignity. After one of the anti-Russian escapades Poles in Lviv, they organized 14 May 1912 rally at the monument of St. ravnoap. Vladimir, where a speech was made by the leader of the society. After the rally, which attracted a lot of people, students held a demonstration, which went to the monument to Emperor Alexander II at the Imperial area, and then to the City Council building, where the youth tried to organize a rally, but the police prevented it. Passing on Khreshchatyk, under the clique of "down with the Poles" the crowd rushed into the yard, where the Polish edition of the newspaper is placed and a loud "Hurrah!" Became smash edition bottles of ink stones ... After a while the crowd broke the glass in the liberal Jewish newspaper " Kiev idea. " At the same time, the editorial "Kievan Thought" fired on demonstrators, but to no avail. Events in May 1912 showed that the enthusiasm of the "eaglets" little uncontrollable. They acted decisively, but they lacked experience and exposure. This decided to take advantage of their opponents, are designed to stifle public hands power. The case involved a professional provocateurs among the journalistic fraternity, who had to push "eaglets" illegal actions, and then demand that the government bring poryadok.Tak May 23, 1912 edition of "double eagle" employee arrived liberal Jewish newspaper "Latest news" IM Pugach. His conversation with the young monarchists over brawl, which resulted Pugach was severely beaten, and in the liberal press has been raised a ruckus about the wrongs committed by the Black Hundreds. Realizing easy excitability Golubev and his associates, and relying on the impunity, liberal and Jewish newspapers were placed vicious caricatures of members of the "two-headed eagle." Rebelled one of these caricatures, placed in the newspaper "South penny", Golubev in June 1912 appeared in the newspaper. His conversation with the editor Larskaya ended with the "Blue stood up and suddenly, without a word, turned and hit with such force, the Larskaya face that he at first surprise could not recover, and only when Golubev went to exit, he shouted to call the police and detained Golubev. " Following these scandals Kiev Governor-General AF Gears instructed police officials to take action to curb the members of society, "double-headed eagle." The first was forced Priest. FN Sinkevich, who passed June 9, 1912 Acting Chairman Golubev But he, tired and weary from the attacks unfair accusations, August 31, 1912 left the University and joined the army as a volunteer of the Moscow District, passing an examination on the rank of ensign stock. As a result, the Company`s activity began to decline. A year later, August 25, 1913 non-commissioned officer of the volunteers of the 5th Grenadier Regiment Kiev Golubev recovered the third year of the legal Faculty. However, to get an education he had no chance, less than a year the war broke out. With the outbreak of the First World War, he dropped out and went to the front as a volunteer. So did many others, "eaglets". In 1916, the weekly "Double Eagle" wrote: "Some of the members of our Society called on others themselves entered into the army, and, knowing that the work for the benefit of the homeland in time of peace so often pursued by them, in the days of war in full can be taken in the fields battles. " Ensign Golubev adequately proved himself on the battlefields. The commander of his regiment Gavrilov later recalled: "When VS had appointed to command the regiment 1 yrotoy instead of sick company commander, I was calm for the company and for the regiment. The first company was entrusted not warrant officer, and Golubev - or more precisely - ensign on the chase, but a strong ideological leader of the masses. " August 19, 1914 Golubev was shot in the head near Lvov and sent for treatment in Kiev, but on 8 September have not recovered properly, he went to the army. October 5 Golubev, commanding a small detachment from the lower ranks of 8, went on reconnaissance in the area at the Belgorayskogo. Lublin Province. The enemy is overtaken by a detachment in the forest, he surrounded him and offered to surrender. Golubev, despite the small size of the detachment, led him to the attack and broke through the enemy encirclement. During the battle beneath Lviv, he was awarded the Order of St. Anne 3rd st. and presented the Order of St. Stanislaus 3rd st. He was also nominated for the George Cross for a daring break from the environment, but did not have time to receive the award. Being wounded, on October 6, he again took part in the Battle of the town of Rudnik near Krzhemova Belgorayskogo have. In this battle, he fell from enemy bullets, mortally wounded after Golubev lived for another half hour, and quietly died in the arms of one of the soldiers of his company. Originally, he was buried in the churchyard of the village of Chelm Lipiny Dolne lips. October 19, his father went to Petrograd and obtained permission for the transfer of the ashes of her son home. Golubev was buried in Kiev Florovsky monastery fence.

"Eaglets" honored the memory of their chairman. In April 1915 there was a meeting of the Company "Double Eagle", dedicated to the memory VS Golubev. En. Kanevsky Basil held a service, then were uttered speech. Priest. FN Sinkevich described the life and work of Golubev, who was "a continuous service to their King, and long-suffering motherland." AD Rovinskii have a huge importance to the activities and deeds committed by the deceased in peacetime and in wartime. At this meeting, attended by prof. TD Florina, who lost a son on the front.

The younger brother Alexei Golubev, in monasticism Hermogenes, Arch. Kaluga and Borovsk (3.03.1896-25.03 [7.04]. 1978) was a prominent hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. In the Khrushchev era he was persecuted, fired from the department and exiled, like its predecessor eschmch. Hermogenes (DOLGANOV) in Zhirovitsky monastery, where he died in the feast of the Annunciation.