Vladimir Gershuni

Picture of Vladimir Gershuni

Date of Birth: 03/18/1930

Age: 64

Citizenship: Russia


While studying at the institute, he was arrested for taking part in anti-Stalinist youth group. Convicted special meeting under Art. 58 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR for 10 years in the camps. Time served in Steplag, where he met with Alexander Solzhenitsyn (later helped him in his work on "The Gulag Archipelago"). Released in 1955.

It rotates in literary circles, where he met with the authors of samizdat dissidents and future (G. Pomeranz, A. Jacobson).

In December 1965 he participated in a "rally of transparency" in defense of the arrested writers Sinyavsky and Daniel.

In 1969, he signed a number of human rights instruments, including those supported by the first letter of the Initiative Group for the Protection of Human Rights in the USSR (20.05.1969).

18/10/1969 G. was arrested. Accused of art. 190-1 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR. In Butyrskaya 55 days on hunger strike, timed to the Day of zaschityprav person (from 08.12.1970 on 31.01.1971). Psychiatric examination at the Institute. Serbian was declared insane. The Moscow City Court dated 13.03.1970 sent to compulsory treatment in a special psychiatric hospital. SPB contained in Orel (Eagle) (December 1970 - April 1974). Subjected to artificial feeding and medical exposure: injection of chlorpromazine and haloperidol. Phenomenal memory allowed G. to fix a lot of information about doctors and other political prisoners Orel special psychiatric hospital, this information he was able to tell Grigorenko during a chance meeting in the Institute of them. Serbian (published in the "Chronicle of Current Events" (Vol. 19)). Then he transferred to a psychiatric hospital