Vladimir Bukovskiy

Picture of Vladimir Bukovskiy

Date of Birth: 12/30/1942

Age: 73

Place of birth: Belebey

Citizenship: Russia


exchanged Corvalan

On Volodka-bully.

Where to find a b ...

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Deliberately omitting obscene rhyme and own name. Readers - quick-witted people. And not in the business shrewdness. People in the middle of the seventies sang this ditty anti-Soviet, do not really know who the bully Volodya, and harbored no feelings - neither hostile nor warm - the leader of the Chilean Communist Louis Corvalan. They knew only that, according to the official report, in December 1976, Luis Corvalan was released from the camp and taken to the Soviet Union, and in return the West deported dissident Vladimir Bukovsky.

It is best to bring the dry chronicle data.

January 22, 1967 on Pushkin Square in Moscow held smallest demonstration, in fact - a group performance: the young people are protesting against the arrest of a group of other young people on political charges. They are all, in turn, immediately arrested; among the detainees - Vladimir Bukovsky. In August of the same year, the court sentences Bukovsky to three years in the camp.

After serving time and leaving on freedom, Bukovsky transmits international congress of psychiatrists documents proving that the six people in the Soviet Union of those arrested and convicted for political reasons, been subjected to forced psychiatric "treatment" of mental health suffered irreparable harm. Again arrested in January 1972, the court, the sentence - "seven teeth, and five on the horns" (7 years of camps and 5 years of exile). Bukovsky camp serving five years to the day, and then, under pressure from international human rights organizations and the exchange of the above occurs.

The UK provides asylum Bukovsky; it settles forever, with no hope to return to this country. It gets the job gets citizenship.

... In the summer of 1989, Bukovsky visited the Soviet Union. At the airport he was greeted triumphantly, from the aircraft to the car carried on hands.

He was in Moscow a few days, gave several press conferences and interviews, spoken at numerous meetings togdashnihpoliticheskih, said the phrase "As long as you do not have freedom, there will be sausage." This "you" everything and decided.

Bukovsky was one of the few dissidents who are not on their way to compromise with the authorities. He refused transactions - and received "in full". It was a hopeless in the sense of it, and re-choose to share in the Chilean Communist. In the same hopeless extremist Bukovsky was in the range of tuning the liberal opposition, illusions of "democratization" of the regime. Such as he is now.

So, what was sitting in Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky camps modern Russians, especially young people, interested in nothing more than ideological debates of the Decembrists.