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Date of Birth: 09/10/1872

Age: 57

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Vladimir Arsenyev was born August 29, 1872 in St. Petersburg in the family of a railroad employee Claudia Fedorovich Arsenyev. When it came time to think about the future of his son, the parents decided to send him to study at their own expense to a military school. November 22, 1891 Vladimir Arsenyev, successful candidates, enlisted as a volunteer in the 145th Novocherkassk Regiment secondment to Petersburg infantry cadet school.

Initially captured Arsenyev new environment and unusual subject matters, he even began to think about how to devote himself to military service. But interest in military service passed: Junker affected everyday life with a constant drill and hard study. With pleasure cadet Arsenyev walked only geography lectures given by famous traveler in Central Asia M.E.Grum Grzhimailo. He opened before the young Arsenyev fascinating world of travel, and in conversations, they often conducted after school, advised to pay attention to the Far East, at that time almost unknown to researchers.

After graduation 12 August 1895 ensign Vladimir Arsenyev was sent to the home of 145 th Infantry Regiment Novocherkassk, and January 18, 1896 promoted to lieutenant and seconded to the 14th Olonets Infantry Regiment, which was stationed in the Kingdom of Poland g.Lomzhe. A year later, Arsenyev got his first vacation. On this trip home, he was seriously carried away with his childhood friend Anya Kadashevich eighteen. Parents welcomed son`s choice. Soon the young were married and went to Poland. May 1, 1900 V.K.Arseneva made to lieutenant and transferred at his request, in the 1 st Vladivostok fortress infantry regiment.

Dear Vladimir Arsenyev Vladivostok was a long and full of adventures. As soon as he got to Blagoveshchensk as he was stopped by the events associated with the Boxer Rebellion in China. All military who find themselves in this time in Blagoveshchensk, were mobilized to take part in hostilities. The track record of Lieutenant Arseniev appeared the following entry: "Being a part of the Annunciation detachment Lieutenant General Gribskov from 8 to 25 July 1900 bombarded the garrison city of Blagoveshchensk and July 20, 1900 participated in the affairs at the Chinese knocked out from a position at g.Sahalyana".

In Vladivostok Lieutenant Arseniev arrived August 5, 1900. Before the arrival of the family he was given a small house in rotten corner - so-called spot at the end of the Golden Horn Bay, known dampness and fog. Order of the regiment beginner appointed acting head of the training team. A lot of time spent with Lieutenant V.K.Arsenev young soldiers, trying to ease their burdens of a long separation from home.

In the first year of service in Vladivostok V.K.Arsenev he joined the Society of hunters and soon became its active member. Getting to know the local people, the desire to learn more about a favorite region, prompted the officer to research. Lack of knowledge of the natural and historical sciences, he made up for in the Society for the Study of the Amur region, where he led the brother-and enthusiast-ethnographer N.V.Kirilov. May 16, 1903, as may be seen from the minutes of the Selection N 19 OIAK Committee, he was admitted to the Society full member. On June 13, the book reports appeared the following entry: "At the suggestion of Lieutenant V.K.Arseneva replenish the museum as a different kind of materials Zoological Department (skins, skeletons, etc...), And botanical and general natural history and ethnographic addition. of members OIAK V.K.Arsenev offers its assistance in the case of the desire of anyone to participate in hunting excursions, and can even provide a riding horse Resolved:. accept the offer with gratitude and promise to contribute its part the success of collectibles delivered the necessary material, and so on. like. "

OIAK was a fount of knowledge for inquisitive V.K.Arseneva. Skipper F.K.Gek brought to the Company of his voyages excellent collection telling about life of Aboriginal people of the Far East. F.A.Derbek, the ship`s doctor, who became director of the museum OIAK volunteer, was fascinated by ethnography. Geologist E.E.Anert studied Manchuria, and his colleague P.I.Polevoy - Sakhalin.

In svobodnoevremya V.K.Arsenev became too small to make trips to the edge by studying its flora and fauna. His holidays were spent in the expedition on the littoral and collected valuable archaeological materials. About V.K.Arseneva findings reported chairman of the Amur Department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society S.N.Vankovu * He reported them Priamurskaya N.I.Grodekovu Governor-General, who issued the order:. Officer considered vacation spent for research, official business .

The closest friend and colleague Nikolai Arsenyev became Palchevsky, former vice-chairman of the Society, a man with a difficult character, whose goal was to organize the first in the Pacific marine biological station at the museum. The first meeting with him the future of the traveler remembered for a lifetime. When the lieutenant came to the museum and spoke to Palchevskie for help in the study of the region, he looked out from under his bushy eyebrows, first suggested to wipe the dust from the museum exhibits. Surprised Arsenyev Kitale silently withdrew and took up cleaning. Later they got to talking, and Palchevsky admitted that he wanted to see the enthusiasm of a new visitor. As this encyclopedic edge, he took under his wing Arsenyev. Together they are often made long walks, and Nikolai, by nature kind and sympathetic person, happy to share his vast knowledge.

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