Vladimir Amalitsky

Picture of Vladimir Amalitsky

Date of Birth: 06/01/1860

Age: 57

Place of birth: Volyn province

Citizenship: Russia


Amalitsky Prokhorovich Vladimir was born July 1, 1860 in the village of old men Zhitomir district, Volyn gubernii.V 1883 he graduated from the St. Petersburg University. Doctor of Geology and Paleontology. Master of Mineralogy and geognosy Petersburg University. The director of the Warsaw Polytechnic Institute 1908-1917.Zanimalsya Russian geological studies under the guidance of Dokuchaev. together with the loyal companions and his wife Anna Petrovna Amalitskoy.V 1898 in the study of the Permian sediments in rivers and Sukhona Northern Dvina in the sand lenses Permian opened the richest collection of brutish lizards amazing completeness and safety. From the depths of the earth they were involve bone strange prehistoric terrestrial vertebrates not only known, but also unknown to science at that time. V.P.Amalitsky on the Rights of the discoverer gave them names: kotlassia, Dvina, dvinozavriya, Inostrantsev (in honor of his teacher A.A.Inostrantseva) The results of excavations have surpassed all expectations and caused a sensation in the scientific world, the findings have been called a "national treasure" and scientist V.P.Amalitsky received worldwide fame. Numerous remnants of the fauna (skeletons, skulls and bones of the individual) form Severodvinsk Gallery Paleontological Museum in Moscow, representing one of the richest and the world`s best collections of ancient fauna on pozvonochnyh.Sereznye Amalitsky problems arose in the autumn of 1899, as all the surrounding farmers expect doomsday November 1 of this year with the arrival of the Antichrist. Simultaneously with the excavations in the surrounding villages began the loss of cattle. For a long time we could not move a large block of sandstone, which collapsed under the impact of a powerful hurricane that has been attributed to "the charm of the Antichrist." The situation was defused visit excavations Ustyug bishop Gabriel blessed the work of Vladimir Prohorovich at the big gathering naroda.Za two years at the University of Warsaw twenty pareiasaur complete skeletons were brought five complete skeletons dicynodonts, two complete skeleton ropalodontov and others.