Viviana Saccone

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Date of Birth: 01/28/1968

Age: 48

Place of birth: Heppener

Citizenship: Argentina

Viviana Saccone: wait "Man of the sea"

Undoubtedly, cute and charming Argentinian Viviana Saccone, with which we meet every day in the "sea man" and "Celeste", deserves the most thorough story. Vivian remembered us even during the reign of ORT blond "girl named Destiny" Grecia Colmenares. This magnificent series Saccone know and love not only the Russian audience. Telenovela Viviane brought long-awaited recognition of Argentine manufacturers "soap". And she finally offered a major role - in "Man of the sea".

Why are so many producers pulled the main role - is unclear. After Vivian no acting talent, no flawless beauty in no way inferior to their more fortunate colleagues. Argentine women are struggling to sound like a 31-year-old "sister" Milagros. Vivian has an innate taste, charm and charisma.

Hard to believe that in his youth Saccone considered herself completely unattractive, is too high, and even ... large. And so all the time sitting on a diet in which outdid even his partner on the "Celeste" Andrea Del BOKU. It is true that at one time decided to leave the Diet Vivian suffering and everything they want. Even threatening figure buns.

The saga began with the buns during the filming of "Man of the sea". Saccone with all the crew lived in a cozy hotel "Manantyales" resort place in Mar del Plata. The friendly owners personally baked every morning for the guests all sorts of goodies. Of course, Viviana quickly became addicted to high-calorie breakfast. "I am recovering, unwittingly, - confessed Saccone -. And one day discovered that does not fit into my favorite pair of skinny jeans I panicked fearing that their weight compromised shooting even wanted to move out of the hotel -... Away from temptations. But luckily, the writers have declared that my character is pregnant. And under loose clothing I could lose weight without any hurry. "

Lose weight Viviane helped her boyfriend Sebastian, which is specifically for the beloved came up with a whole system of gradual separation from overweight. Since the work of a young man held in Buenos Aires, he is offered nightly call-back Vivi and demanded a full report on the calories. And on the weekend moved to Mar del Plata, and together they made long walks along the coast and went on a bike. On the basis of the cycle Sebastian befriended by the "Man of the Sea" by Gabriel Corrado, who also preferred to spend the weekend on two wheels. Men couple of times even staged demonstration races: speed and endurance. However, the winner of the competition history is silent.

Vivian also spend more time with Alejandra Gavilanes. But with her partner Gabriel, with whom to "sea man" Vivi starred in the telenovela "Princess," Saccone preferred to meet only on the set. And although, according to the assurances of mutual working together it is very comfortable, and friends Viviana Gabriel did not.

"I generally prefer not to converge with the main partners -. Good relations and friendship sometimes tie the hands of on-set," - explains his addiction actress.

In an interview Saccone studiously avoids unpleasant subject. But since then, the friendship with the actor does not think. Apart Sebastian groom - svetopostanovschika, which met in a television studio Vivi "Sonoteks" closest to Saccone were and are her parents. After a grueling marathon of shooting another telenovela Vivian goes for a couple of weeks to relatives in the small town of Brans.

She likes to recall how in 1993, the day of delivery of a national serial the Martin Fierro Award-floor Brans gathered at the club to cheer at a TV for Vivian. The participants welcomed standing with applause the master words that best supporting actress recognized Viviana Saccone (for her role in the telenovela "Princess"). "I cried when my mother told me all this in that moment I felt my countrymen nearby, -. Recalls Saccone -. The family, relatives, friends -. The main value of any man I dream one day to forget about work, urban problems and leave in Brans . Sebastian married in a small church where I was baptized. and live happily ever after. Of course, this is only a dream ... "

But in the meantime, Viviana trying on the role of wife and mother in the television series "Mommy." Those who saw assured: a new way to manage Saccone glory. So, just around the corner and its transfer on the soil life.

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