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Acconci was studying literature at the College of the Holy Cross and poetry in the University of Iowa.error status: 400using his own body as an object for photos, videos and performances. The performance "Seedbed" (January 1972) , Acconci lay hidden under the ramp set in the Sonnabend Gallery, and masturbating, voicing a loudspeaker in their fantasies about the visitors that went over him on the ramp. Over 1980Acconci `s focused on architecture and landscape design. One example - "Walkways Through the Wall".

Another example - "Dirt Wall" (1992) in the Arvada Center Sculpture Garden in Colorado. The wall begins outside the center and extends inward, extending from the ground to a height of 24 feet. glass and steel wall contains a mixture of volcanic stone, sandSoil, which can be seen through the glass panel. He has taught at many institutions, including the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax; California Institute of the Arts, Valencia; Cooper Union; School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Yale University; Parsons School of Design. At present, he teaches at a college in Brooklyn.

" Surveillance " and " Step "Acconci to limit brought the concept of Saul Levitt, according to which the pre-planning and repetitions are the main determinants of creativity. First Acconci invented yourself installation, such as : " choose some random person on the street, anywhere, and do it 23 consecutive days. Follow him wherever he went ,regardless of the distance and the route of longitude. The action ends when it comes to some private place : home, office, and so on ".. . It is this format was used in the " surveillance " (1969) , documented the photographer who followed Acconci and recorded the almost mindless actions of the artist and his victim.In this and similar work Acconci was very effective material. And that is the insignificance of these actions eventually transformed them into the structure and content of the works of art. In the same way it was built by the work of " Step ", 1970. Having established in his apartment stool 18 inches high (46 cm), he used it as a step."Every morning during designated months I step on a stool and I`ll go with her up and down about 30 steps per minute. The action lasts until I`m able to do it non-stop - and then recorded the number of steps. "

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