Vitaliy Zelkovskiy

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Date of Birth: 1981

Age: 34

Citizenship: Belarus

Severe Belarusian conquers Europe

This design engineer from Belarus (Byelorussia) loves to travel. As at 27 January 2013, he laid out photos in social networks 82. One day, returning by train from Minsk (Minsk), Vitaly noticed the suspicious look at him some passengers of his car. Then people started to approach him and ask to take a picture together. Upon returning home, he saw fotozhaby with his picture on the Internet, and the situation became clearer.

The fact is that while traveling Vitali is photographed against the backdrop of the most iconic landmarks in the world with a straight face. His determination not to change in each frame of a brutal facial expressions in front of the most revered architectural achievements of mankind made Vitaly star Internet. First, it `surovost` attracted the attention of the West, and then the wave of popularity has reached and Russia (Russia) and the CIS (CIS).

Zelkovsky, which users have dubbed `the tourist with a stone like litsom` expresses indifference, seems to be saying` so what? `All the attractions for which, actually comes to other countries. Someone has suggested that Vitali morose just because his `32 still single, and as evidenced by his emotional restraint on pictures. In fact, not a victim of a brutal belorusvovse apathy. He explains his stoicism is very simple. Zelkovsky makes all his own pictures, just for myself, so smile to myself for it - as something silly.

Of Belarusians it was written in the news organization `BuzzFeed`, and he was noticed MSN,` Upprox` and `Broken News Daily`. By the way, Vitali has already started to compare with another Internet star, Grumpy Cat, angry cat named Sauce Tardar (Tardar Sauce).

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Vitaliy Zelkovskiy picture
Vitaliy Zelkovskiy photo