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A group of US "Virgin Steele", performing progressive pumps, hevi-metal classifies your style differently : "romantic expressionism", "symphonic blues based metal" or "barbaric romanticism`.

The beginnings of the team appeared in 1981, when came together vocalist - keyboardist David defaces, guitarist Jack Starr and drummer Joey Ayvazian. The latter two have already played in the same team, but the bass player they were weak,and at the suggestion of defacement was replaced by Joe O`Reilly. On the staffing structure in October 1981, it was proclaimed the birth of "Virgin steele". In just three weeks the guys recorded a demo (which later received the status of the album) and began to send him in various metal magazines and fanziny. The first response came from the standing "Shrapnel records",proposed to include one track group in the compilation "US Metal, Volume II".

At the exit of the collection fell requests reprint edition "Virgin steele", that has been done as much as two times. Positive feedback on this release was sent "Queensryche" and "Metallica". In short, the case ended inthe team signed up to the newly formed English label "Music for nations". The company issued a debut normal circulation, and musicians, meanwhile, enjoyed a tour of life in the company of "Motorhead", "Krokus", "The Rods", "Manowar".

Virgin Steele The following year, "Virgin steele" good bothered releasing one album and two EP-Schnick. However, the team expected internal differences, and as a result Jack Starr chose to pursue a solo activity. Vacancy filled Pursino Edward, who became not only a guitarist but also a co-author of a number of compositions. With renewed strength in 1985, "Virgin steele" recorded one of their best albums, "Noble savage".The next two years were spent in intense tour, during which time the team changed the label and management, and managed to deface the producer actually practice. Finally, in 1988, the musicians managed to find time to record the next album. Bass on "Age of consent" had to perform and defaces Pursino ,O`Reilly because at that time was ill. By the way later in the bass guitarist had problems with the management, and in 1992 he put out the door.

From 1988 to 1992, the first group experienced difficult times, immersed in the internal problems, and staying without fresh releases. Finally gloomy period has ended and a new bassist Rob DeMartini "Virgin steele" started welcome sessions. "Life among the ruins" was released in March 1993, and in the summer in full team toured Europe as hedlanerov. The tour was a success, and inspired musicians swung to release a concept album in two parts.Virgin Steele Unfortunately, when it came time to implement ideas, Rob DeMartini utyanul to her "Rainbow" Blackmore, and bass lines again fell on the shoulders and defaces Pursino. The first part of "The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell" was released in January 1995 and caused a storm of enthusiasm in the ranks of fans. In the fall the team returned and DeMartini "Virgin steele" started to write the second part. However, in the middle of the sessions I had to change the drummer, since Ayvazian decided to engage with show business. New " informer " was Frank Dzhilchrist. Meanwhile, the idea conceptualization did not leave the team and in the continuation of "The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell" final series was released in the form of "Invictus".

The very next year, "Virgin steele" presented to the public for the first part of the metal opera "The House Of Atreus". The second half came out in 2000 ,after which the "Virgin steele" once again changed the bass player (he was Joshua Block) . In 2002, the band released two compilation, "Hymns To Victory" and "The Book Of Burning", containing recycled old tracks and previously realized things.

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